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BedienungsanleitungGE Profile Spectra JGB910SECSS

Using the oven.

To avoid possible burns, place the shelves in the desired position before you turn the oven on.

Before you begin…

The shelves have stop-locks, so that when
placed correctly on the supports, they will
stop before coming completely out, and
will not tilt.
When placing and removing cookware,
pull the shelf out to the bump on the shelf
To remove a shelf,
pull it toward you, tilt the
front end up and pull it out.
To replace,
place the end of the shelf (stop-
locks) on the support, tilt up the front and
push the shelf in.
NOTE: The shelf is not designed to slide out at thespecial low shelf (R) position.
The oven has 5 shelf positions.
It also has a special low shelf
position (R) for extra large items,
such as a large turkey.

Power Outage

CAUTION: Do not make any attempt to operate theelectric ignition oven during an electrical powerfailure.
The oven or broiler cannot be lit during a
power failure. Gas will not flow unless the
glow bar is hot.
If the oven is in use when a power failure
occurs, the oven burner shuts off and
cannot be re-lit until power is restored. This
is because the flow of gas is automatically
stopped and will not resume when power is
restored until the glow bar has reached
operating temperature.

Oven Light

Touch the
pad on the upper
control panel to turn the light on or off.

Oven Vent

Your oven is vented through ducts at the
rear of the range. Do not block these ducts
when cooking in the oven—it is important
that the flow of hot air from the oven and
fresh air to the oven burner be
uninterrupted. Avoid touching the vent
openings or nearby surfaces during oven or
broiler operation—they may become hot.
Handles of pots and pans on the cooktop maybecome hot if left too close to the vent.
Do not leave plastic items on the cooktop—they may melt if left too close to the vent.
Do not leave any items on the cooktop. The hotair from the vent may ignite flammable items andwill increase pressure in closed containers, whichmay cause them to burst.
Metal items will become very hot if they are lefton the cooktop, and could cause burns.
Plastic items on the cooktop may
melt if left too close to the vent.
Vent appearance and location vary.

Operating Instructions

Safety InstructionsInstallation InstructionsTroubleshooting TipsConsumer Support


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