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How to Set the Oven for Baking or Roasting

Touch the
Touch the number pads to set the
desired temperature.
Touch the
The word
will be displayed.
As the oven heats up, the display will show
the changing temperature. When the oven
reaches the temperature you set, a tone
will sound.
To change the oven temperature during BAKE cycle,
press the BAKE pad and then the number pads to
get the new temperature.
Check food for doneness at minimum
time on recipe. Cook longer if
Touch the
pad when
cooking is complete.
Type of Food Shelf Position
Frozen pies (on cookie sheet) B or C
Angel food cake, A
bundt or pound cakes
Biscuits, muffins, brownies, C
cookies, cupcakes,
layer cakes, pies
Casseroles B or C
Roasting R or A

Preheating and Pan Placement

Preheat the oven if the recipe calls for it.
To preheat, set the oven at the correct
temperature. Preheating is necessary
when convection baking and for good
results when baking cakes, cookies, pastry
and breads.
For ovens without a preheat indicator light or tone,
preheat 10 minutes.
Baking results will be better if baking pans
are centered in the oven as much as
possible. Pans should not touch each other
or the walls of the oven. If you need to use
two shelves, stagger the pans so one is not
directly above the other, and leave
approximately 1
2 between pans, from
the front, back and sides of the wall.

Aluminum Foil

Never cover the oven bottom with
aluminum foil.
You can use aluminum foil to line the
broiler pan and broiler grid. However, you
must mold the foil tightly to the grid and
cut slits in it just like the grid.
Aluminum foil may also be used to catch a spillover.
Never entirely cover a shelf with aluminum
foil. This will disturb the heat circulation
and result in poor baking.
A smaller sheet of foil may be used to catch
a spillover by placing it on a lower shelf
several inches below the food.
Cut slits in the foil just like the grid.

Oven Moisture

As your oven heats up, the temperature
change of the air in the oven may cause
water droplets to form on the door glass.
These droplets are harmless and will
evaporate as the oven continues to heat up.
The oven has a special low shelf (R)
position just above the oven bottom.
Use it when extra cooking space is
needed, for example, when cooking
a large turkey. The shelf is not
designed to slide out at this position.

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