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GE Profile Spectra JGB910SECSS
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BedienungsanleitungGE Profile Spectra JGB910SECSS

Consumer SupportInstallation Instructions Troubleshooting Tips

Operating InstructionsSafety Instructions


Electrical Connections

Usage Situations where Appliance

Power Cord will be Disconnected


Do not use an adapter plug in these situations
because disconnecting of the power cord
places undue strain on the adapter and leads to
eventual failure of the adapter ground terminal.
The customer should have the two-prong wall
receptacle replaced with a three-prong (grounding)
receptacle by a qualified electrician before using
the appliance.
The installation of appliances designed for
mobile home installation must conform with the
Manufactured Home Construction and Safety
Standard, Title 24 CFR, Part 3280 (formerly the
Federal Standard for Mobile Home Construction
and Safety, Title 24, HUD, Part 280) or, when such
standard is not applicable, the Standard for
Manufactured Home Installations, latest edition
(Manufactured Home Sites, Communities and
Set-Ups), ANSI A225.1, latest edition, or with local
codes. In Canada, mobile home installation must
be in accordance with the current CAN/CSA
Z240/MH Mobile Home Installation Code.

Electric Disconnect

Locate disconnect plug on the range back.
Pinch sides of connector and pull out of range

Seal the Openings

Seal any openings in the wall behind the range and
in the floor under the range when hookups are

Check Ignition of Surface Burners

Operation of all cooktop and oven burners should
be checked after the range and gas supply lines
have been carefully checked for leaks.
Electric Ignition Models
Select a top burner knob and simultaneously
push in and turn to
position. You will hear
sound indicating proper operation of the
spark module. Once the air has been purged from
the supply lines, burners should light within
4 seconds. After burner lights, rotate knob out of
position. Try each burner in succession
until all burners have been checked.

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Profile Spectra JGB910SECSS
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