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Gioteck FL-400 (PS4)
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BedienungsanleitungGioteck FL-400 (PS4)


Thank you for buying the Gioteck FL400 Wireless Gaming Headset
& Bluetooth® Speakers. These Headphones are designed to be
convenient, stylish and provide high quality audio Playback from any
Bluetooth enabled Audio Device or wired only device.
The FL400 Wireless Gaming Headset includes support via USB Dongle
for PlayStatio4, PlayStation®3 and USB Audio for PCs and Macs that
do not support Bluetooth.
The FL400 can be used in Bluetooth mode to receive telephone calls
while in use and will automatically pause the audio playback in order to
receive the call and when the call ends audio Playback will resume.
The FL400 can also be used as portable Bluetooth stereo speakers for
enjoying music with friends or listening to movies together.
Please read this User Guide thoroughly before use so that you can
understand the setup and functions.
Before using the headset, turn the volume down to a mid-level or
very low, then slowly adjust it to a comfortable level. Exposure
to high volume sound levels may cause temporary or permanent
damage to your hearing. You should always set your volume to
moderate levels and avoid long exposure to high volume levels.
Contains small parts. Not suitable for children under 7 years of age.
Store in a dry & dust free area.
Do not store in areas of extreme low (0°C) or high (4C) temperatures.
Avoid direct sunlight and heat sources.
Do not allow the product to get wet or dirty; doing so may cause damage.
Do not clean with benzene, paint thinner, acetone, alcohol, or other
such solvents.
Do not take the product apart; doing so will void your warranty and
may cause electrical shock or damage to internal components.
Please help to conserve the environment by recycling the cardboard
packaging of this product.
This product should NOT be disposed of in normal household waste.
It should be disposed of separately. Please take it to an electrical
waste collection point.
This product is covered by a one [1] year warranty. For full Terms and
Conditions, and for Technical Assistance, go to :
Activate your product warranty:


For help with the set-up or operation of this product please


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FL-400 (PS4)
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