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Hero Pleasure+ (2022)
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BedienungsanleitungHero Pleasure+ (2022)


Thank you for selecting a We wish you many miles of Hero MotoCorp PLEASURE+ vehicle.

continued riding pleasure in the years ahead.

Let us make this world a safer, healthier and more environment friendly place.

conspicuity for improving rider safety. The headlamp of this vehicle will always be lit ON when

This vehicle is fitted with a lighting feature known as “Automatic Headlamp ON”. The feature

Your Authorised dealer will be glad to provide further information or Hero MotoCorp

assistance and is equipped to handle your future service needs.

Your is conforming to latest (Bharat stage- norms) regulation for emission, safety & vehicle VI

noise levels. We are also using non asbestos brake shoes/pads and engine gaskets which are

environment friendly in nature.

India) vide notification GSR 188 (E) dated 22nd February 2016. This feature helps in

the engine gets ON.

We at are committed to demonstrate excellence in our environment Hero MotoCorp,
performance on a continual basis, as an intrinsic element of our corporate philosophy. To
achieve this we commit ourselves to continue product innovations to improve environment
compatibility, comply with all applicable legislation including environment legislation and

strengthen the green supply chain.

is mandated for all 2 Wheelers by Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (Government of

This booklet is your guide to the basic operation and maintenance of your new
Please take time to read it carefully. As with any fine Hero MotoCorp PLEASURE+ vehicle.

machine, proper care and maintenance are essential for trouble-free operation and optimum


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Pleasure+ (2022)
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Wie rechne ich Meilen in Kilometer um?

1 Meile entspricht 1,609344 Kilometern und 1 Kilometer entspricht 0,62137119 Meilen

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen E10- und E5-Benzin?

E10-Benzin besteht zu maximal zehn Prozent aus Ethanol, während bei E5-Benzin der Ethanolanteil unter fünf Prozent liegt. Infolgedessen ist der Anteil an Benzin mit E10-Benzin niedriger als mit E5-Benzin, wodurch es weniger umweltschädlich wird.

Wie entferne ich Rost von meinem Hero roller?

1. Den rostigen Teil in Essig einweichen, bis er vollständig eingeweicht ist. 2. Lassen Sie den Essig 24 Stunden auf dem Rost einwirken. 3. Entfernen Sie den Rost mit einer Drahtbürste oder Aluminiumfolie.

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