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Hitachi C47-WD8000
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BedienungsanleitungHitachi C47-WD8000


In order to use this TV safely, you must pay attention to the notice shown below.

Refer to the Power Supply as indicated on the rating label pasted
at the back of the TV set.
Do not use the TV outside the specified voltage range.
It may cause a fire or an electric shock.
Never insert or remove the power plug with wet hands.
This may cause electric shock.
gDo not overload wall outlets and extension cords
as this can result in fire or electric shock.
gDo not place any objects on the cord or allow it to overpass. If
the cord or plug is damaged, please cut power supply
immediately, then contact a service technician for inspection.
gDo not apply excessive force to the power cord.
gDo not allow the power cord to overheat as this may cause damage.
gDo not pull on the power cord when removing the plug from the
outlet, please hold the plug firmly when removing it.
Do not place the TV into a closet or bookshelf where the ventilation is poor.
Do not cover the TV with cloth or other objects.
Do not place the TV with its screen facing upwards, or on its side. Allow
sufficient space between the TV and walls.
Ensure that there is sufficient ventilation and that vents are unobstructed to
prevent the buildup of heat inside the TV, or else, it may result in a
Do not place the TV on an unstable cart, stand or table.
Do not place the TV in an unstabilized location such as on a bed, sofa, etc.
Do not use the TV in locations exposed to high humidity levels such as close to
a bathtub, washbowl, kitchen, washing machine, swimming pool or moisture,
Please always keep the TV in a dry place. If the TV gets damp, it may cause a

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forbidden actions.

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Marke Hitachi
Model C47-WD8000
Produkte Fernseher
Sprache Englisch
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