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Notes about This Manual

The information in this manual is subject to change without notice.
While meticulous care has been taken in the preparation of this manual, you are
requested to notify your dealer or us should you have any comments, views or
questions about our product.
Fully understand the prerequisites to using the product, such as hardware and
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The following features are provided by the color Plasma Display Monitor.
Large-screen, high-definition plasma display panel
The 37-inch color plasma display panel, with a resolution of 1024 (H) x 768(V) pixels,
creates a high-definition, large-screen (aspect ratio : 4:3) and low-profile flat display.
Free from electromagnetic interferences from geomagnetic sources and ambient power
lines, the panel produces high-quality display images free from color misconvergence and
display distortion.
Multimedia input support
The monitor comes complete with a mini-D-sub terminal and a BNC terminal for RGB
input and with a composite/S terminal and a component terminal for video input, and
even with stereo audio input terminals. It allows hooking up with a number of devices,
from PCs to video gear.
Multiscan converter and progressive LSI
The multiscan converter provides a broad multiscan range of signals (*1), from video
signals (15 kHz) to PC analog video signals. Video input is subjected to progressive
processing by a dedicated LSI to offer better video quality.
(*1) Video performance of input signals in excess of 1024 x 768 (fields) is not
guaranteed, as they appear in a simplified display mode.
Easy-to-use remote controller and EasyMenu
The remote controller included eases the work of setting display controls. Further, the
on-screen display system, EasyMenu, displays the status of signal reception and display
control settings in an easy-to-view fashion.
Power saving system
International energy star and a power saving system are provided. The power-saving
system operates automatically to reduce power consumption even when there is no video
input signal.


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