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Hitachi VT-UX6430A
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BedienungsanleitungHitachi VT-UX6430A

VTUX6430A, VTUX6440A



VT-UX6430A - VT-UX6440A

Owner's manual

This instruction manual includes instructions on use of both VT-UX6430A and VT-


Using these quality features:

Common for VT-UX6430A and VT-UX6440A
• The VCR Plus+* programming system allows you to program the VCR for timer recording by simply
entering a PlusCode* number.
* VCR Plus+ and PlusCode are trademarks of Gemstar Development Corporation.
The VCR Plus+ system is manufactured under license from Gemstar Development Corporation.
Auto install system automatically tune in broadcast channels
• S-VHS Quasi Playback allows you to playback a tape that is recorded by S-VHS tape.
• Super index allows you to quickly search for a program you want to view or the point from which you want to start
recording on the tape.
Super rewind and fast forward
• Multi-channel TV sound (MTS).
• 8-program/1 month preset recording.
• Auto clock set feature allows you to automatically set the present time using a time signal.
• Auto head cleaning system minimizes the need for accessory cleaners and professional head cleaning.
• Auto tracking system automatically adjusts the tracking so the picture is optimized.
• Frequency synthesized tuner provides easy, preset tuning of up to 68 broadcast TV channels and 125 cable
• VHS Hi-Fidelity sound in playback.
• On-screen programming guide.
• With display, VCR Plus+ can be programmed to record without turning power on.
• Easy cursor operation
VT-UX6440A only
• Illuminated remote control for use with your VCR
As an ENERGY STAR" Partner, HITACHI Home
Electronics (America), Inc. has determined that this
product meets the ENERGY STAR' guidelines for
energy efficiency.
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Tel. 905-821-4545
QR30691 Hitachi, Ltd. 1998
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Marke Hitachi
Model VT-UX6430A
Produkte Videorekorder
Sprache Englisch
Dateityp Benutzerhandbuch (PDF)

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