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BedienungsanleitungHolux GPSmile 55

GPSmile 55 Portable Automobile Navigation System

Quick Start Guide

Version: V2.0 December 2007
Registered info
HOLUX and GPSmile are trademarks of HOLUX Technology, Inc.
All other trademarks belong to registered companies.
The contents of this manual will be modified without further notice.
The operation temperature for the product is between 0~40.
Operating or recharging in an environment with a temperature over
45 might cause the system to stop functioning. However, this should
be considered a normal phenomenon. Please do not operate under
extreme temperatures.
Operating Methods
1. For first time use, please turn the system power switch at the rear
side On.
2. Press and hold the power button for about two seconds to turn on
the power.
Note: Before using for the first time, please switch the system
power on.
1. While the power is on, press the power button to turn the power
2. If the unit will not be used for a long time, turn the system power
switch at the rear side Off.
Using the Vehicle Bracket
The included vehicle bracket set can be securely mounted on the front
windshield, or secured on top of the glove compartment using the
adhesive plate. This device will effectively secure the GPS unit in the
vehicle. Follow the procedures below to secure the bracket:
1. Follow the arrows and slide the unit into the in-vehicle bracket fitting
holes to secure.
2. Gently push down until the unit is tightly fixed with the bracket.
3. Bend the bracket support to a proper angle. Securely mount the
vehicle bracket to the windshield, ensuring its base is resting firmly
on the dashboard.
Note: Please note the directions of the arrows. When secured, the
assembly should be tight. If these directions are not followed, a loose fit
will result, and components must be reassembled.
4. Follow the directions, insert the bracket into the slots on the bracket,
and slide to fix the set (A
5. The in-vehicle bracket assembly is complete.
When using the in-vehicle secure bracket, do not install it in a
location that will block the view of the driver
Recommended installation requirements:
The bracket base should rest securely on the dashboard to prevent
excessive shock.
Using the Car Charger
While using the device in a vehicle, use the included car charger for
long periods of usage.
1. Plug the small plug into the power jack on the rear of the in-vehicle
2. Insert the other end into the cigarette lighter.
System Reset
It will only be required to reboot the system under extremely few
circumstances. Reset your system if the following situations occur:
1. Heavy lag experienced when refreshing screens or operations,
which result in an inoperable system.
2. Cannot turn off the system with the power button.
3. No response after a selection is made on the screen.
If any of the above occurs, turn the system power switch at the rear side
Off and turn it back On to reboot the system.
Main Menu
During the first startup, the screen will show the main screen consisting
of four functions: navigation, music, photo, and settings. Directly select
an icon on the screen to use that function
Loads the navigation program and navigation
Note: If an SD card with navigator software is
inserted, the system will enter the GPS function
automatically after startup.
Plays images
Can read file with __txt format
System setup
System power
Power button


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