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Holux GPSmile 62
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BedienungsanleitungHolux GPSmile 62

Safety Precautions

Use the power adapter included with the package. Using other power
adapters than the one provided will result to malfunction and could
prove to be dangerous.
The device should only be used with the supplied batteries.
About the power adapter:
1. Do not use the power adapter in a wet environment. When hands
and feet are wet, do not touch the power adapter.
2. While using the power adaptor, ensure that the area is well
ventilated. Do not let paper or other material cover the power
adaptor, as this will interfere with cooling. Do not use the power
adaptor whilst it is in a bag.
3. Do not attempt to repair the device. If device is damaged or is in a
wet environment, replace the device immediately.
4. It is not recommended to charge from a PC because the PC power
voltage is not enough to supply the device.
About the battery
1. Use only the original factory approved charger.
2. A Lithium battery is built into the device. To prevent fire or skin
burns, do not disassemble, pierce, impact, or expose the battery to
fire. The battery will crack, explode, or release dangerous
chemicals if placed in a fire.
Important instructions
1. Note: Replacing with an incorrect battery may result in an explosion.
When disposing of the battery, follow the instructions. The
replacement battery must be a factory approved original.
2. Regulations must be observed when recycling or disposing of
3. The battery should only be used in this device.


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Marke Holux
Model GPSmile 62
Produkte Navigator
Sprache Englisch
Dateityp Benutzerhandbuch (PDF)

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