Honeywell Chronotherm CMT907

Honeywell Chronotherm CMT907 Bedienungsanleitung

  • EN0H 8547 UK07 R3 09/06
    The CM907 thermostat is designed to provide automatic time
    and temperature control of heating or cooling systems in
    villas and apartments.
    It can be used as part of a system in conjunction with combi-
    boilers, oil-burners and gas fired boilers, circulation pumps,
    thermal actuators, zone valves and electric heat systems
    The CM907 is designed with the installer in mind and
    includes a moulded back-plate with trunking guides and
    wiring breakouts to make installation quick and easy.
    The CM907 extra large LCD display, dynamic text display,
    button layout based on the same simple programming
    philosophy used on our acclaimed CM60 products and the
    introduction of an ‘OK’ button, makes it easier to install and
    more user friendly.
    The unit is ideal for consumers who want reliable precise
    temperature control from a modern looking, simple to
    ram and eas
    to use
    Attractive, slim, ultra-modern styling makes it ideal for
    location in any type of home.
    7-day heating program.
    A dynamic text display on the LCD that gives enhanced
    feedback to the user / installer.
    Up to 6 daily independent time and temperature level
    changes let you set 6 time and temperatures pairs to suit
    your lifestyle.
    LCD Backlighting to illuminate the display for easier viewing
    in low light conditions.
    Temporary programmed temperature override to override
    the programmed temperature till the next switch point.
    Party feature that temporarily maintains a selectable
    constant temperature for 1-23 hours, then returns to normal
    Day Off feature that follows Sunday’s program for 1 to
    99 days, allowing selection of a different heating program
    without having to re-program the thermostat.
    Holiday button that provides energy savings by reducing
    to a constant temperature from 1 to 99 days when people are
    on holiday, returning to normal operation (AUTO or
    MANUAL) on the day of their return.
    Room Temperature Enquiry.
    EEPROM memory holds the user program indefinitely.
    OFF position has an integral frost protection setting at
    minimum 5°C (installer adjustable) so that pipes in the
    house will never freeze in winter.
    24...230V 8A resistive, 3A inductive SPDT relay provides
    compatibility with most domestic central heating systems
    reducing the need to stock many different models.
    Battery powered by 2 x AA size (LR6) alkaline cells.
    Minimum battery life of 2 years with low battery warning
    Built-in default heating program.
    Automatic Summer / Winter time change adjusts the time
    automatically to daylight saving time.
    Telephone interface can be fitted to allow remote switching
    between program modes and a fixed set-point.
    Surface or wall-box mounting options with trunking guides
    and wiring breakouts to simplify installation.
    No installer links or special installer switches on the back of
    the unit mean no adjustment is required for combi-boilers
    and most domestic central heating systems.
    User Set-Up Mode allows extra functions to be set at the
    discretion of the user:
    AM-PM or 24hr time display.
    Resetting the heating profile to factory default.
    Enable / disable of Auto Summer / Winter time change.
    Languages selection of the user interface (on selected
    models only).
    Installer Set-Up Mode allows extra functions to be set at the
    discretion of the installer to match the consumers
    applications and needs:
    Pump Exercise.
    Upper / Lower Set point Limit Adjust.
    Temperature offset.
    Minimum ON time.
    Cycle rate.
    Heat / Cool operation.
    Proportional Band Width.
    Diagnostic Mode to assist in faultfinding.
Honeywell Chronotherm CMT907

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Honeywell Chronotherm CMT907-Spezifikationen

Marke Honeywell
Model Chronotherm CMT907
Produkte Thermostat
EAN 5025121389891
Sprache Engels
Dateityp PDF
Genauigkeit 0.5 °C
Temperatur Range (T-T) 5 - 35 °C
Speicherfunktion Nein
Produktfarbe Weiß
Display-Hintergrundbeleuchtung Ja
Anzeige LCD
Anzahl unterstützter Batterien 2
Batteriespannung 230 V
Batterien enthalten Ja
Fernbedienung Nein
Gewicht und Abmessungen
Breite 133 mm
Tiefe 26 mm
Höhe 89 mm

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