Honeywell RTH2520B

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  • RTH2520 69-1867ES—05 03-11 1/8
    The RTH2520 programmable thermostat can be used to control:
    a gas, fuel oil or electric furnace -2 or 3 wires
    a central air conditioner - 2 or 3 wires
    a hot water system with or without pump - 2 wires
    a millivolt system - 2 wires
    a central heating and cooling system - 4 or 5 wires
    Note: This thermostat is not compatible with heat pumps or multi-
    stage systems.
    System operating mode selection: heat, cool or off
    Fan operating mode selection: automatic or on (continuous)
    Programmable heating and cooling cycle lengths: 10, 12, 15, 20
    or 30 minutes
    Temperature display in °F or °C
    Backlit display
    Battery replacement indicator
    7-day programming including:
    - Preprogrammed energy-saving schedule
    - Early Start
    - Temporary bypass
    - Time display (12 h or 24 h)
    Filter replacement indicator
    Automatic daylight savings changeover
    Interchangeable faceplates (titanium, charcoal & taupe)
    2.1 Removing the Old Thermostat
    Remove the old thermostat to access the wires.
    Warning: If the old thermostat was mounted onto an electrical box,
    it was probably powered by 120/240 volts. In this case, this thermo-
    stat cannot be used.
    Identify and label each wire (with the corresponding letter on
    the wire terminal) and remove them from the terminals.
    If necessary, strip the end of each wire (maximum of 1/4 inch).
    Wrap the wires around a pencil to prevent
    them from falling into the wall.
    If the hole in the wall is too big, insulate it
    using a non-flammable material in order to
    avoid air draughts behind the thermostat.
    2.2 Installing the New Baseplate
    For a new installation, choose a location approximately 5 feet
    (1.5 m) above the floor and on an inside wall. Avoid draughty
    areas (top of staircase, air outlet, etc.), dead air spots (behind
    doors), direct sunlight or areas near concealed pipes or chim-
    Remove the thermostat faceplate.
    Loosen the locking screw in order to separate the thermostat
    from its baseplate (the screw cannot be completely removed).
    Gently tilt the thermostat upwards.
    Mark and bore the appropriate mounting holes (using a 3/16”
    drill bit) or use the existing holes. Insert the plastic anchors.
    Pass the wires through the opening of the baseplate and fix the
    baseplate to the wall using the screws provided.
    2.3 Connecting the Thermostat
    Refer to the following table for matching the wire labels with the
    thermostat terminals.
    Note: Do not connect wires identified as C, X or B. Wrap the bare
    end of these wires with electrical tape.
    Important: The red jumper wire between Rh and Rc terminals must
    be removed in a 5-wire installation.
    1. Introduction
    2. Installation
    Programmable Thermostat
    Installation and User Guide
    System operating
    mode selector
    Fan operating
    mode selector
    RTH2520 terminals Description Wire labels
    Rh Heating power supply Rh, R, 4, V
    Rc Cooling power supply Rc, R
    W Heating signal W, W1, H
    Y Cooling signal Y, Y1, M
    GFan G, F
Honeywell RTH2520B

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Marke Honeywell
Model RTH2520B
Produkte Thermostat
Sprache Englisch, Spanisch
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