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Hotpoint V4D 01 P (UK)
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BedienungsanleitungHotpoint V4D 01 P (UK)

Instruction booklet


You must clean the fluff filter after EVERY drying cycle.
Step 1 - Open the door of your dryer, remove the filer.
Step 2 - Clean any fluff deposits from the filter mesh, and refit the filter.
Step 3 - Make sure the filter is pushed fully home - NEVER run the dryer
without the filter in position.
Failure to clean the filter after EVERY drying cycle will affect the drying
performance of your machine.

V4D 01 P

To remove the filter


The dyer should be placed where air can freely
circulate around it preferably near a window
that can be opened to reduce the possibility of
condensation occurring while the dryer is in use.
If the dryer is enclosed or fitted under a work
surface a gap of at least 50 mm (2”) must be
allowed above the top for the full width of the dryer
and at least 25 mm (1”) either side. This allows
air to enter into the rear air inlet. The dryer must
never be run in a cupboard with a closed door.
The dryer must never be installed behind a
lockable door, a sliding door or a door with a hinge
on the opposite side to that of the dryer door.
This symbol reminds you to read this booklet.
When the dryer is in use there has to be adequate
ventilation to avoid the back flow of gases into
the room from appliances burning other fuels,
including open fires.
The vent tube should not exceed 2.4 metres in length.
The tube should be kept clear of the air intake vent
and kinks or ‘U’ bends must be avoided as these
will obstruct the tube and trap condensation.
The socket must be grounded. The power supply cord should be checked periodically and, if required,
replaced by a cord specially prepared for this dryer.


Do not load more than maximum capacity.
These numbers refer to dry weight:
Natural fibres: 4kg max
Synthetic fibre: 2kg max
Look at the labels on your garments, especially when tumble drying
for the first time. The following symbols are the most common:
May be tumble dried
Do NOT tumble dry
Tumble dry at high heat setting
Tumble dry at low heat setting
1. Articles that contain rubber or rubber-like materials or plastic
film, any flammable articles or objects that contain flammable
2. Glass fibres.
3. Items which have been dry cleaned.
4. Large bulky items (quilts, sleeping bags, etc). These expand
when drying and prevent airflow through the dryer.
Our ideas. Your home.
Our ideas. Your home.


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