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Aruba 303 Series Campus Access Points | Installation Guide 5
DHCP Server with vendor specific options

Verifying Pre-Installation Connectivity

Before you install access points in a network environment, make sure that the access points will be able to locate
and connect to the controller when they are powered on. Specifically, you must verify the following conditions:
When connected to the network, each access point is assigned a valid IP address.
Access points are able to locate the controller.
Refer to the ArubaOS Quick Start Guide for instructions on locating and connecting to the controller.

Identifying Specific Installation Locations

Use the access point placement map generated by Aruba’s RF Plan software application to determine the proper
installation location(s). Each location should be as close as possible to the center of the intended coverage area
and should be free from obstructions or obvious sources of interference. These RF absorbers/reflectors/
interference sources will impact RF propagation and should be accounted for during the planning phase and
adjusted for in RF plan.

Identifying Known RF Absorbers/Reflectors/Interference Sources

Identifying known RF absorbers, reflectors, and interference sources while in the field during the installation
phase is critical. Make sure that these sources are taken into consideration when you attach an access point to its
fixed location.
RF absorbers include:
Cement/concrete—Old concrete has high levels of water dissipation, which dries out the concrete, allowing
for potential RF propagation. New concrete has high levels of water concentration in the concrete, blocking
RF signals.
Natural Items—Fish tanks, water fountains, ponds, and trees
RF reflectors include:
Metal Objects—Metal pans between floors, rebar, fire doors, air conditioning/heating ducts, mesh windows,
blinds, chain link fences (depending on aperture size), refrigerators, racks, shelves, and filing cabinets.
Do not place an access point between two air conditioning/heating ducts. Make sure that access points are
placed below ducts to avoid RF disturbances.
RF interference sources include:
Microwave ovens and other 2.4 or 5 GHz objects (such as cordless phones)
Cordless headset such as those used in call centers or lunch rooms

Installing the Access Point

The 303 Series access points ship with a ceiling mount bracket to attach to a 9/16” or 15/16” ceiling rail.
Aruba Networks, Inc., in compliance with governmental requirements, has designed this device so that only
authorized network administrators can change the settings. For more information about access point
configuration, refer to the ArubaOS Quick Start Guide and ArubaOS User Guide.
Access points are radio transmission devices and as such are subject to government regulations of the host
country. The network administrator(s) is/are responsible for ensuring that configuration and operation of this
equipment is in compliance with their country’s regulations. For a complete list of approved channels in your
country, refer to the Aruba Downloadable Regulatory Table at www.arubanetworks.com.
The instructions in this section are applicable to the 303 Series access points running ArubaOS only.


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