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HP Color LaserJet 4600
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Using color

The HP Color LaserJet 4600 series printer offers great color as soon
as you set up the printer. It provides a combination of automatic color
features to generate excellent color results for the general office user,
plus sophisticated tools for the professional who is experienced with
color use.
The HP Color LaserJet 4600 series printer provides carefully
designed and tested color tables to provide smooth, accurate color
rendition of all printable colors.

HP ImageREt 2400

HP ImageREt 2400 is a technology that provides you with the best
color print quality without having to change driver settings or make
trade-offs between print quality, performance, and memory.
ImageREt 2400 produces photorealistic images.
ImageREt 2400 provides 2400 dpi color laser-class quality through a
multilevel printing process. This process precisely controls color by
combining up to four colors within a single dot and by varying the
amount of toner in a given area. As a result, ImageREt 2400, together
with the 600-by-600 dpi engine resolution, creates millions of smooth

Paper selection

For the best color and image quality it is important to select the
appropriate media type from the printer menu or from the front panel.
See Selecting print media

Color options

Color options enable optimal color output automatically for diverse
types of documents.
Color options use object tagging, which allows optimal color and
halftone settings to be used for different objects (text, graphics, and
photos) on a page. The printer driver determines which objects are
used on a page and uses halftone and color settings that provide the
best print quality for each object. Object tagging, combined with
optimized default settings, produces great color out of the box.
In the Windows environment, the Automatic and Manual color
options are on the Color tab in the printer driver.


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