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HP Color LaserJet 4700dn
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BedienungsanleitungHP Color LaserJet 4700dn
Time Services. Configure the printer’s time settings.
Restrict Color. Set user color print job restrictions. For more information on restricting and
reporting color usage, see

Setting the real-time clock

Use the real-time clock feature to set the date and time settings. The date and time information is
attached to stored print jobs, so that you can identify the most recent versions of stored print jobs.
When setting the clock, you can set the date format, date, time format, and time.

Networking tab

This tab allows the network administrator to control network-related settings for the printer when it is
connected to an IP-based network. This tab will not appear if the printer is directly connected to a
computer, or if the printer is connected to a network using anything other than an HP Jetdirect print
Click Help on the Networking tab pages for more information on network settings.

Other links

This section contains links that connect you to the Internet to order supplies or obtain product support.
You must have Internet access to use any of these links. If you use a dial-up connection and did not
connect when you first opened the embedded Web server, you must connect before you can visit these
Web sites. Connecting might require that you close the embedded Web server and reopen it.
HP Instant Support™. Connects you to the HP Web site to help you find solutions. This service
analyzes your printer error log and configuration information to provide diagnostic and support
information specific to your printer.
Order Supplies. Click this link to connect to the HP Web site and order genuine HP supplies, such
as print cartridges and paper.
Product Support. Connects to the support site for the HP Color LaserJet 4700 printer. Then, you
can search for help regarding general topics.
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