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Solving repeated paper jams

If paper jams occur frequently, try the following:
Check all the paper-jam locations. (See Clearing jams on page 96.) A piece of paper might
be stuck somewhere in the printer. Even a small torn piece of paper in the printer path can
cause repeated jams.
Check that the trays are properly adjusted. (See Loading trays on page 42.) The guides
should click into place without being too tight against the paper.
Check that paper is correctly loaded in the trays and that the trays are not overfilled. Make
sure paper is under the tabs and below the maximum-height indicators. See the sections
about loading paper, starting with Loading trays on page 42.
Check that all trays and paper-handling accessories are completely inserted into the printer.
(If a tray is opened during a print job, this might cause a jam.)
Check that all covers and doors are closed. (If a cover or door is opened during a print job,
this might cause a jam.)
Try printing to a different output bin. (See Selecting the output bin on page 36.)
The sheets might be sticking together. Try bending the stack to separate each sheet. Do not
fan the stack.
If you are printing from tray 1, try reducing the size of the stack.
If you are printing from the optional envelope feeder, make sure it is loaded correctly (with
the bottom envelopes in slightly farther than the top envelopes). (See Loading envelopes in
the optional envelope feeder on page 56.)
If you are printing small sizes, feed the paper with the short edge first. (See Guidelines for
custom-size paper on page 62.)
Turn over the stack of paper in the tray. Also try rotating the paper 180
Check the characteristics of the paper or other print media that you are using. Use only
paper that meets HP specifications. (See Paper specifications on page 182.) Try using
different paper to see if the problem goes away. Do not use curled, deformed, damaged, or
irregular paper.
Check that the environmental conditions for the printer are met. (See Environmental
specifications on page 194.)
Avoid using paper that has already been used in a printer or copier.
Try using paper from a freshly opened ream.
Try a different brand of paper.
Do not print on both sides of envelopes or transparencies. (See Printing envelopes on
page 51 or Printing transparencies on page 59.)
Print only on full sheets of labels and do not print on both sides of label sheets. (See
Printing labels on page 58.)
Check that the power supplied to the printer is steady and meets printer specifications. (See
Electrical specifications on page 194.)
Clean the printer. (See Cleaning the printer on page 87.)
Perform preventative printer maintenance if maintenance is due. (See Performing
preventative maintenance on page 91.)


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