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Loading trays

This section describes how to load the standard and optional printer trays.

Loading tray 1

Tray 1 is a multipurpose tray that holds up to 100 sheets of paper,
10 envelopes, or 20 index cards. The printer default is to pull paper from
tray 1 first, if it is loaded. To change this behavior, see Customizing
tray 1 operation on page 47.
Tray 1 provides a convenient way to print envelopes, transparencies,
custom-size paper, or other types of media without having to unload the
other trays. It can also be used just as a convenient additional tray. For
supported sizes of paper, see Supported sizes and weights of paper
on page 183.
If an optional stapler/stacker is installed, the printer automatically
rotates the printed images 180° on all paper sizes, even if the job is not
stapled. If you are printing on paper that requires a specific orientation
(such as letterhead, preprinted paper, prepunched paper, and paper
with watermarks), make sure that the paper is loaded correctly in the
tray. (See Orientation of paper when a stapler is installed on page 38.)
The printer might print at a slower speed when using tray 1.
To avoid paper jams, do not load trays while the printer is printing.
Do not fan the paper. Fanning can cause misfeeds.

To load tray 1

1 Open tray 1.
2 Pull out the tray extension.
3 Set the side guides to the correct width.
4 Load paper in the tray. Make sure that the paper fits under the tabs
and below the maximum-height indicators.
Load paper with the front side facing up and the top, short edge toward
the printer. For information about loading special paper, see Printing
special paper on page 57.
5 Adjust the side guides so that they lightly touch the paper stack but
do not bend the paper.


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