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BedienungsanleitungHP LaserJet 9050
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Supported types of paper

Use settings on the MFP control panel to select the following types of paper and other print
Transparency (see Transparencies)
Labels (see Labels)
Card stock > 163 g/m
(see Card stock and heavy paper)
Rough 90-105 g/m
Envelope (for Tray 1 only; see Envelopes)

Guidelines for using paper

For best results, use conventional 75 g/m
(20 lb bond) paper. Make sure the paper is of good
quality, and free of cuts, nicks, tears, spots, loose particles, dust, wrinkles, voids, and curled or
bent edges.
If you are unsure what type of paper you are loading (such as bond or recycled), check the label
on the package of paper.
Some paper causes print quality problems, jamming, or damage to the MFP. Do not use
letterhead paper that is printed with low-temperature inks, such as those used in some types of
thermography, and do not use raised letterhead. Coated papers and some transparencies can
wrap around the fuser roller and possibly cause jams.
The MFP uses heat and pressure to fuse toner to the paper. Make sure that any colored paper or
preprinted forms use inks that are compatible with the MFP fusing temperature (200°C or 392°F
for 0.1 second).

Resolving issues with paper and other print media

Use this section to resolve common problems with paper and other print media.
Symptom Problem Solution
Poor print quality or toner
adhesion, problems with
Too moist, too rough, too
smooth, or embossed;
faulty paper lot
Try another kind of paper, between
100 to 250 Sheffield, 4 to 6% moisture
Dropouts, jamming, curl Stored improperly Store paper flat in its moisture-proof
Increased gray
background shading
Too heavy
Use a lighter-weight paper.
Use the upper bin.
Excessive curl
Problems with feeding
Too moist, wrong grain
direction or short-grain
Use the upper bin.
Use long-grain paper.


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