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HP LaserJet M3035
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BedienungsanleitungHP LaserJet M3035

Problem-solving checklist

If you are experiencing problems, use the following checklist to identify the cause of the problem:
Is the device connected to power?
Is the device on?
Is the device in the Ready state?
Are all necessary cables connected?
Do any messages appear on the control panel?
Are genuine HP supplies installed?
Was a recently replaced print cartridge installed correctly, and was the pull tab and/or attached
tape on the cartridge removed?
For additional information about installation and setup, see the getting started guide.
If you cannot find solutions to problems in this guide, go to
www.hp.com/support/LJM3027mfp or

Factors that affect performance

Several factors affect the time it takes to print a job:
The use of special paper (such as transparencies, heavy paper, and custom-size paper)
Device processing and download time
The complexity and size of graphics
The speed of the computer you are using
The USB connection
The I/O configuration
The amount of memory installed
The network operating system and configuration (if applicable)
Device personality (PCL or PS)
NOTE: Although additional memory can resolve memory problems, improve how the device handles
complex graphics, and improve download times, it will not increase maximum printing speed (ppm).
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