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HP LaserJet M3035
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BedienungsanleitungHP LaserJet M3035

Return and recycling instructions

United States and Puerto Rico

The enclosed label in the HP LaserJet toner cartridge box is for the return and recycling of one or more
HP LaserJet print cartridges after use. Please follow the applicable instructions below.
Multiple returns (two to eight cartridges)
1. Package each HP LaserJet print cartridge in its original box and bag.
2. Tape up to eight single boxes together using strapping or packaging tape (up to 70 lbs).
3. Use a single pre-paid shipping label.
1. Use your own suitable box, or request a free bulk collection box from the
recycle or 1-800-340-2445 (holds up to eight HP LaserJet print cartridges).
2. Use a single pre-paid shipping label.
Single returns
1. Package the HP LaserJet print cartridge in its original bag and box.
2. Place the shipping label on the front of the box.
For all HP LaserJet print cartridge recycling returns, give the package to UPS during your next delivery
or pickup, or take it to an authorized UPS drop-off center. For the location of your local UPS drop-off
center, call 1-800-PICKUPS or visit
http://www.ups.com. If you are returning via USPS label, give the
package to a U.S. Postal Service carrier or drop off at a U.S.Postal Service Office. For more information,
or to order additional labels or boxes for bulk returns, visit
http://www.hp.com/recycle or call
1-800-340-2445. Requested UPS pickup will be charged normal pickup rates. Information subject to
change without notice.

Non-US returns

To participate in HP Planet Partners return and recycling program, just follow the simple directions in
the recycling guide (found inside the packaging of your new printer supply item) or visit
http://www.hp.com/recycle. Select your country/region for information on how to return your HP LaserJet
printing supplies.


This product is capable of using recycled papers when the paper meets the guidelines outlined in the
HP LaserJet Printer Family Print Media Guide. This product is suitable for the use of recycled paper
according to EN12281:2002.

Material restrictions

This HP product contains the following materials that might require special handling at end of life.
Mercury in the fluorescent lamp in the scanner and/or transparent materials adapter and in fluorescent
lamp in the display LCD.
226 Appendix D Regulatory information ENWW


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