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iFi Audio Pro iDSD Signature
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BedienungsanleitungiFi Audio Pro iDSD Signature
Thank you for purchasing this Pro series iDSD Signature. The Pro iDSD Signature is a 'state of the art'
reference digital to analogue converter. lt is able to excel in many scenarios - as a wireless hi-res network
player or the central DAC in an expensive high-end home system, to quote just two examples. The on-board
balanced headphone section means high-end headphones can also be directly connected to it.
• Reference-class DAC/preamp, network streamer and headphone amplier
• Quad-stack DAC – 4x DACs in interleaved conguration enables exceptional resolution
• Crysopeia FPGA Digital Engine delivers bespoke digital ltering and upsampling
• Powerful XMOS XU216 X-Core 200 Series chipset processes incoming digital data
• State-of-the-art hi-res audio support: 32-bit/768kHz PCM and DSD512, plus full MQA decoding
• Choose between ‘bit-perfect delity and a range of advanced digital ltering/upsampling modes
• DSD Remastering: option to upconvert PCM and DSD les to DSD512 or DSD1024
• Global Master Timing femto-grade clock system with external clock input options
• Zero-jitter memory buer and galvanically isolated inputs eradicate digital distortion
Wide range of digital inputs and analogue outputs – balanced and single-ended
• DLNA network streaming via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable
• Discrete, fully balanced Class A amplier stage with adjustable gain
Tube and solid-state analogue modes – choose at the ick of a switch

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