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Ignis ADL 961 WH
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BedienungsanleitungIgnis ADL 961 WH
1. Removing the packaging and check
After unpacking, make sure that the
dishwasher is undamaged and that the door
closes correctly. If in doubt, contact a
qualified technician or your local retailer.
Keep the packaging materials (plastic bags,
etc.) out of children's reach, as they are
potentially dangerous.
2. Water and electrical connections
All water and electrical connections must be
carried out by a qualified technician in
compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions
(refer to the enclosed assembly instructions)
and current local safety regulations.
The appliance must only be used in the
household for the prescribed uses.
1. Packaging
The packing box may be fully recycled as
confirmed by the recycling symbol .
2. Energy and water saving tips
Do not rinse crockery under running water.
Always fully load the dishwasher before
switching on or set the wash programme to
half load (if available) if one rack only has
been filled.
If ecological energy sources are available,
such as solar panel heating, heat pumps or
centralised heating systems, the appliance
may be connected to the hot water mains up
to a maximum temperature of 60° C. Make
sure the water inlet hose is of the correct
type. Refer to the “Connections” chapter in
these user instructions.
3. Disposal of the packaging material and
old machine.
The appliance is built from reusable
materials. If you decide to scrap the
dishwasher, it must be disposed of in
compliance with local waste disposal laws.
In any case, before scrapping, cut off
the power cable so that the appliance
cannot be connected to the mains.
1. Child safety:
Children must not be allowed to play with the
Store the detergent, rinse aid and salt in a
dry place out of the reach of children.
2. General recommendations:
The open dishwasher door can only support
the weight of the loaded rack when pulled out.
Do not rest objects on the open door or sit or
stand on it: the appliance may topple over!
Do not use solvents inside the dishwasher:
risk of explosion!
Only use detergents, rinse aids and
regeneration salts specially recommended
for use in domestic dishwashers.
Before cleaning or carrying out any
maintenance, switch off the appliance,
disconnect the mains plug and turn off the
water tap.
If a fault occurs, switch off the appliance and
turn off the water tap.
If necessary, the power cable may be
replaced with an identical one.
The power cable must only be replaced by a
qualified technician.
On completion of the programme, switch off
the dishwasher and turn off the water tap.
3. For appliances with water stop system:
The water inlet hose and plastic casing
contain electrical components. Do not
therefore cut the hose or immerse the plastic
casing in water. If the hose is damaged,
switch off the appliance immediately.

EC Declaration of conformity

This appliance has been designed, constructed
and distributed in compliance with the safety
requirements of EC Directives:
IEC 436/DIN 44990
EN 50242
Load capacity: 12 place settings





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