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BedienungsanleitungIndesit DFP 58T96 Z UK

Precautions and advice

Precautions and advice

This appliance was designed and
manufactured in compliance with
international safety standards. The
following information has been provided
for safety reasons and should be read
Keep this instruction manual in a safe
place for future reference. If the appliance
is sold, given away or moved, make sure
the manual is kept with the machine.
Read the instructions carefully, as they
include important information on safe
installation, use and maintenance.
This appliance was designed for domestic
use or similar applications, for example:
- use by guests in hotels, motels and other
residential settings;
- bed & breakfasts.
Remove the appliance from all packaging
and make sure it was not damaged during
transportation. If it was damaged, contact
the retailer and do not proceed any further
with the installation process.

General safety

This appliance should not be operated
by children younger than 8 years, people
with reduced physical, sensory or mental
capacities, or inexperienced people who
are not familiar with the product, unless
they are given close supervision or
instructions on how to use it safely and
are made aware by a responsible person
of the dangers its use might entail.
Children must not play with the appliance.
It is the user's responsibility to clean and
maintain the appliance. Children should
never clean or maintain it unless they are
given supervision.
The appliance was designed for domestic
use inside the home and is not intended
for commercial or industrial use.
The appliance must be used to wash
domestic crockery in accordance with
the instructions in this manual.
The appliance must not be installed
outdoors, even in covered areas. It
is extremely dangerous to leave the
machine exposed to rain and storms.
Do not touch the appliance when
When unplugging the appliance always
pull the plug from the mains socket. Do
not pull on the cable.
The water supply tap must be shut off
and the plug should be removed from
the electrical socket at the end of every
cycle and before cleaning the appliance
or carrying out any maintenance work.
The maximum number of place settings
is shown in the product sheet.
If the appliance breaks down, do not
under any circumstances touch the
internal parts in an attempt to perform
the repair work yourself.
Do not lean or sit on the open door: this
may cause the appliance to overturn.
The door should not be left open as it
may create a dangerous obstacle.
Keep detergent and rinse aid out of
reach of children.
The packaging material should not be
used as a toy.
Knives and other utensils with sharp
edges must be placed either with the
points/blades facing downwards in the
cutlery basket or horizontally on the
tip-up compartments or in the tray/third
basket, if available.
Connect the appliance to the water mains
using the new supply hose provided with
the appliance. Do not re-use the old hose.
Install the back side of a free-standing
dishwasher against a wall.


To dispose of any packaging materials,
follow local legislation so that the
packagings may be reused.
The European Directive 2012/19/EU
relating to Waste Electrical and Electronic
Equipment (WEEE) states that household
appliances should not be disposed
of using the normal solid urban waste
cycle. Exhausted appliances should be
collected separately in order to optimise
the cost of reusing and recycling the
materials inside the machine, while
preventing potential damage to the
atmosphere and public health. The
crossed-out dustbin symbol shown on
all products reminds the owners of their
obligations regarding separated waste
For further information relating to
the correct disposal of household


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