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After installation, remove the stoppers from the racks and the reta-
ining elastic elements from the upper rack.


The use of salt prevents the formation of LIMESCALE on the dishes and
on the machine’s functional components.
It is important that the salt reservoir be never empty.
It is important to set the water hardness.
The salt reservoir is located in the lower part of the dishwasher
(see Product Description) and should be  lled when the green  oat on
the cap of the salt reservoir is no longer visible.
1. Remove the lower rack and unscrew the
reservoir cap (anticlockwise).
2. Only the rst time you do this:  ll the salt re-
servoir with water.
3. Position the funnel (see  gure) and  ll the salt
reservoir right up to its edge (approximately
1 kg); it is not unusual for a little water to leak
4. Remove the funnel and wipe any salt residue
away from the opening.
Make sure the cap is screwed on tightly, so that no detergent can get
into the container during the wash program (this could damage the
water softener beyond repair).
Whenever you need to add salt, we recommend carrying out the
procedure before the washing cycle is started.


To allow the water softener to work in a perfect way, it is essential that
the water hardness setting is based on the actual water hardness in
your house. This information can be obtained from your local water
The factory setting is for average (3) water hardness.
Switch on the appliance by pressing the ON/OFF button.
• Switch o the appliance by pressing the ON/OFF button.
Hold down button P for 5 seconds, until you hear a beep.
Switch on the appliance by pressing the ON/OFF button.
The program indicator light of the current set level  ashes.
• Press button P to select the desired hardness level (see WATER
• Switch o the appliance by pressing the ON/OFF button.
Setting is complete!
As soon as this procedure is complete, run a program without loading.
Only use salt that has been speci cally designed for dishwashers.
After the salt has been poured into the machine, the SALT REFILL indi-
cator light switches o .
If the salt container is not  lled, the water softener and the
heating element may be damaged as a result.
Water Hardness Table
German degrees
French degrees
1 Soft - Medium 0 - 11 0 - 20
2 Average 12 - 17 21 - 30
3 Hard 17 - 34 31 - 60
4 Very hard 35 - 50 61 - 90


Rinse aid makes dish DRYING easier. The rinse aid dispenser A should
be  lled when when the dark optical indicator on the dispenser door C
becomes transparent.
1. Open the dispenser B by pressing and pulling up the tab on the lid.
2. Pour in the rinse aid (max.110 ml), making sure it does not over ow
from the dispenser. If this happens, clean the spill immediately with
a dry cloth.
3. Press the lid down until you hear a click to close it.
NEVER pour the rinse aid directly into the appliance tub.


If you are not completely satis ed with the drying results, you can ad-
just the quantity of rinse aid used.
Switch the dishwasher on using the ON/OFF button.
Switch it o using the ON/OFF button.
Press button P three times - a beep will be heard.
Switch it on using the ON/OFF button.
The program indicator light of the current set level  ashes.
• Press button P to select the level of rinse aid quantity to be supplied.
Switch it o using the ON/OFF button
Setting is complete!
If the rinse aid level is set to ZERO (ECO), no rinse aid will be supplied.
The LOW RINSE AID indicator light will not be lit if you run out of rinse
A maximum of 4 levels can be set according to the dishwasher model.
The factory setting is speci c to the model, please follow instruction
above to check this for your machine.
If you see bluish streaks on the dishes, set a low number (1-2).
If there are drops of water or limescale marks on the dishes, set a
mid-range number (3-4).


To open the detergent dispenser use the opening device A.
Introduce the detergent into the dry dispenser B only. Place the
amount of detergent for pre-washing directly inside the tub.
1. When measuring out the detergent
refer to the mentioned earlier infor-
mation to add the proper quantity.
Inside the dispenser B there are
indications to help the detergent
2. Remove detergent residues from
the edges of the dispenser and clo-
se the cover until it clicks.
3. Close the lid of the detergent
dispenser by pulling it up until the
closing device is secured in place.
The detergent dispenser automatically opens up at the right time
according to the program.


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Marke Indesit
Model DSIE 2B19 UK | DSIE 2B19 UK
Produkte Spülmaschine
EAN 8050147554876
Sprache Englisch
Dateityp Benutzerhandbuch (PDF)
Energieeffizienzklasse (alt) A+
Energieeffizienzskala A+++ bis D
Wasserverbrauch pro Zyklus 11.5 l
Energieverbrauch pro Zyklus 0.83 kWh
Anschlusswert 1900 W
Stromstärke 13 A
AC Eingangsspannung 220-240 V
AC Eingangsfrequenz 50 Hz
Sonstige Funktionen
Jährlicher Energieverbrauch 238 kWh
Jährlicher Energieverbrauch 3220 l
Trocknungsklasse A
Waschwirkungsklasse A
Anzahl Maßgedecke 10 Maßgedecke
Geräuschpegel 49 dB
Temperatur (max) 60 °C
Geschirrspülprogramme Eco,Intensive 65°C,Normal
Halbe Beladung Ja
Zykluszeit 240 min
Startzeitvorwahl Nein
Anzahl Waschprogramme -
Aquastop Funktion -
Geräteplatzierung Voll integriert
Produktgröße Single (45 cm breit)
Oberer Korb höhenverstellbar Ja
Kabellänge 1.3 m
Schlauchlänge Wasserzulauf 1.55 m
Schlauchlänge Wasserablauf 1.5 m
Türfarbe Nicht zutreffend
Benutzerdefinierte Panel-Bereitschaft -
Eingebautes Display Ja
Steuerung Tasten
Gewicht und Abmessungen
Höhe 820 mm
Breite 448 mm
Tiefe 555 mm
Einbauraum Tiefe 560 mm
Einbauraum Höhe (min) 820 mm
Einbauraum Höhe (max) 900 mm
Einbauraum Breite 450 mm
Gewicht 27200 g
Paketgewicht 29000 g
Verstellbare Füße Ja
Wi-Fi-gesteuert Nein
Restzeitanzeige Nein
Kindersicherung -
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