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Doing this will keep your machine working at its BEST:
- remember to empty your water tank after each drying cycle.
- remember to clean your condenser unit regularly (monthly).
- remember to clean your lter after each drying cycle.
Refer to the Care & Maintenance section.
1. Plug the dryer into the power supply socket.
2. Open the door and load garments; always refer to instructions on
clothing labels and the max loads indicated in the drying time table.
Empty pockets. Make sure garments do not get caught between the
door and/or the door lter.
3. Close the door.
4. Turn the “Drying Time" selection knob until the indicator is
pointing towards the most suitable drying time for the type of
fabric in that load.
Note: do not attempt to turn the knob anticlockwise.
5. If necessary, set the temperature using the "High Heat" button.
6. Press the "Start" button to begin drying.
7. A nal COOL TUMBLE phase (i.e. the fabrics are cooled) activates
during the last few minutes of the drying cycle; always allow this
phase to nish.
8. The cycle ends when the selection knob reaches the "0" zero
position and the drum stops.
9. Open the door, remove the laundry.
10. Disconnect the dryer from the power supply.
11. Clean the lter and replace it.
12. Empty the water tank and put it back in its slot.


Laundry can be checked while the drying cycle runs and any
garments already dry can be removed, while drying continues for
the remaining items. After closing the door, press the "Start" button
to resume machine operation.


1. "Start" button.
Press to begin drying.
2. "Drying Time" selection knob.
This is used to set the drying time: turn the knob in a clockwise
direction until the indicator is set to the desired drying time. The
0 position switches o the dryer.
3. "Emptying Water Tank" indicator light.
To indicate when the water tank needs emptying.
Lighting up when the container is full, the door is closed and the
"Start" button has been pressed.
After emptying, reposition it correctly and the light will take
around 30 seconds to switch o after restarting the drying cycle
with the "Start" button.
IMPORTANT: If the container becomes full during the cycle, the
dryer will automatically stop and clothes will not be dried. To
avoid this empty the tank after or before starting a cycle.
4. "High Heat" button.
To be used to increase the heat on drying cycles.


Always check the care labels, especially when placing garments
in the tumble dryer for the  rst time. Below are the most
commonly used symbols:
May be tumble dried.
Do not tumble dry.
Tumble dry – high heat.
Tumble dry – low heat.


Remove all the tapes used to hold items on the machine.
Before you use it, clean the inside of the drum to remove any
dust that could have accumulated during transport. Slight odour
or vapour may be found if you open the door during its rst use,
this is normal and should only last a few minutes.
Make sure that the water tank is correctly inserted. Make sure
that the drain hose on the back of the dryer is properly
connected, either to the dryers water tank or to your domestic
drainage system.
The dryer must be installed in a room with a temperature
ranging between 5°C and 35°C to ensure proper operation.
You can download the Safety Instructions, User Manual, Product Fiche and Energy data by:
Visiting our website -
Using QR Code
Alternatively, contact our After-sales Service (See phone number in the warranty booklet). When
contacting our After-sales Service, please state the codes provided on your products identi cation plate.
In order to receive a more complete assistance,
please register your product on

Quick guide

Before using the appliance read the Safety Instructions carefully.


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Marke Indesit
Model I2 D81W UK
Produkte Trockner
EAN 8050147630990
Sprache Englisch
Dateityp Benutzerhandbuch (PDF), Sicherheitshinweise (PDF), Datenblatt (PDF)
Geräteplatzierung Freistehend
Ladetyp Frontlader
Trocknungssystem Kondensation
Produktfarbe Weiß
Türanschlag Rechts
Wechselbare Türen Nein
Steuerung Drehregler
Trommelvolumen 112 l
Eingebautes Display Nein
Trommelmaterial Galvanisiert
Kabellänge 1.5 m
Nennkapazität 8 kg
Trocknungsklasse C
Anzahl Trocknungsprogramme 3
Zykluszeit - min
Geräuschpegel 69 dB
Anti-Faltenfunktion Nein
Anpassbare Rotationsgeschwindigkeit Nein
Anti-Allergie-Funktion Nein
Trockenprogramme Timed,Freshen-up,Cotton,Synthetics
Extratrocken Nein
Startzeitvorwahl Nein
Selbstreinigend Nein
Wi-Fi-gesteuert Nein
Nahfeldkommunikation (NFC) Nein
Energieeffizienzklasse B
Energieeffizienzskala A bis G
Anschlusswert 2400 W
AC Eingangsspannung 220 - 240 V
AC Eingangsfrequenz 50 Hz
Nennstrom 13 A
Stromstecker-Typ Typ G
Logistische Daten
Ursprungsland Vereinigtes Königreich
Gewicht und Abmessungen
Breite 595 mm
Tiefe 610 mm
Höhe 850 mm
Gewicht 37 g
Verpackungsbreite 640 mm
Verpackungstiefe 670 mm
Verpackungshöhe 890 mm
Paketgewicht 38700 g
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