Infiniti G Sedan (2013) Bedienungsanleitung

Infiniti G Sedan (2013)
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BedienungsanleitungInfiniti G Sedan (2013)
Black plate (3,1)
[ Edit: 2012/ 7/ 6 Model: V36-D ]
Your INFINITI represents a new way of
thinking about vehicle design. It integrates
advanced engineering and superior crafts-
manship with a simple, refined aesthetic
sensitivity associated with traditional Ja-
panese culture.
The result is a different notion of luxury
and beauty. The car itself is important, but
so is the sense of harmony that the vehicle
evokes in its driver, and the sense of
satisfaction you feel with the INFINITI
from the way it looks and drives to the high
level of retailer service.
To ensure that you enjoy your INFINITI to
the fullest, we encourage you to read this
Owners Manual immediately. It explains
all of the features, controls and perfor-
mance characteristics of your INFINITI; it
also provides important instructions and
safety information.
A separate Warranty Information Booklet
is included in your Owners literature
portfolio. The INFINITI Service and Main-
tenance Guide explains details about
maintaining and servicing your vehicle.
Always carry it with you when you take
your vehicle to an INFINITI retailer. The
Warranty Information Booklet contents
provide complete information about all
warranties covering this vehicle, the re-
quirements to keep the warranties in effect
as well as the INFINITI Roadside Assis-
tance program.
Additionally, a separate Customer Care
and Lemon Law Information Booklet will
explain how to resolve any concerns you
may have with your vehicle, as well as
clarify your rights under your states
lemon law.
In addition to factory installed options,
your vehicle may also be equipped with
additional accessories installed by INFINITI
or by your INFINITI retailer prior to delivery.
It is important that you familiarize yourself
with all disclosures, warnings, cautions
and instructions concerning proper use of
such accessories prior to operating the
vehicle and/or accessory. See an INFINITI
retailer for details concerning the particu-
lar accessories with which your vehicle is


GUID-31F0CB1B-66AC- 4CED-9231-F664F7DF2BA8
Before driving your vehicle, read your
Owners Manual carefully. This will ensure
familiarity with controls and maintenance
requirements, assisting you in the safe
operation of your vehicle.


Follow these important driving rules to help
ensure a safe and comfortable trip for you
and your passengers!
. NEVER drive under the influence of
alcohol or drugs.
. ALWAYS observe posted speed limits
and never drive too fast for conditions.
. ALWAYS give your full attention to
driving and avoid using vehicle features
or taking other actions that could dis-
tract you.
. ALWAYS use your seat belts and appro-
priate child restraint systems. Pre-teen
children should be seated in the rear




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Marke Infiniti
Model G Sedan (2013)
Produkte Auto
Sprache Englisch
Dateityp Benutzerhandbuch (PDF), Sicherheitshinweise (PDF)

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