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BedienungsanleitungInvicta Akula 22375
Screw Down Crowns: Many Invicta watches are equipped with a screw
down crown to help prevent water infiltration. This is most common on our
Diver models. In order to adjust the date and/or time on such a watch,
you must first unscrew the crown before you can gently pull it out to its
first or second click stop position (page 3). To do this, simply rotate the
crown counterclockwise until it springs open. When you have finished
setting the watch, the crown must then be pushed in and screwed back
in tightly. Not doing so will cancel the water resistance of the watch
and will void all warranties from the manufacturer. Overall, this process
should not require a lot of effort or force.
Tritnite® Luminous Markers: Tritnite® is an environmentally friendly
luminous material used exclusively by Invicta. Tritnite® requires 4 –5 hours
of exposure to light for it to glow brightly in the dark. It will continue to
perform with regular exposure to light.


Long ago, we set out to continue Invicta’s original 1837 mission – to offer
magnificent Swiss timepieces at modest prices. In doing so, we gave birth
to a movement in the watch industry that is turning the balance of power
over to the consumer.
We hope you enjoy your new timepiece and carefully read the easy-to-use
instructions pertaining to it. By doing so, you will help give it a long life and
keep it operating at the high quality standards by which it was crafted.
These timepieces have been tested for water resistance. In order to maintain
the water resistance, be sure to always close the crown tightly after setting.
We also recommend having your timepiece checked every year by a certified
watchmaker to ensure the gaskets are in proper condition. This will help to
assure the precise operation and longevity of the piece. Please refer to our
Service Center information on our web site

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Akula 22375
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