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    Like any amazing couple, this one starts with a connection—one between
    your device and the headphones’ Bluetooth. Here’s how it works:
    1. Make sure the smartphone, tablet or computer you’re using with the
    headphones has Bluetooth.
    2. Turn on the headphones (press and hold the power button for 3
    seconds) and look for the little blinking light.
    3. Do whatever your device needs you to do on its end.
    4. Look for Jam Transit City Headphone in your device’s Bluetooth
    list or click YES.
    5. Now hit PLAY on your headphones and crank it up—or down if
    you’re lame.
    The device and Bluetooth will find each other every time, just as long
    as the headphones are set to Bluetooth and your device’s Bluetooth
    is, you know—on.
    If you’re connecting to a computer, you may have some extra steps
    on that end. You’ll have to get that information from the computer
    Depending on your device you may be prompted to enter a pairing
    code. If prompted, enter “0000” as the code.
    To disable pairing of existing device and pair a new device, press
    and hold the + and - buttons for 5 seconds to activate pairing mode.
    Note: If you turn on your Transit City Headphones but haven’t
    started the party yet, they will automatically power off after 2 minutes
    of unpaired inactivity.
    Note: Once paired, if you pause the party for 15 minutes or more,
    your headphones will automatically power off to preserve battery life.
    2m 15m
    When friends call to inturrupt your party of one—and you know they will—answer the phone without disconnecting from your JAM
    Transit City. Yes, that’s right. Your headphones have hands-free calling, too. How amazing is that? Here’s how it works:
    1. Make sure your phone and headphones are connected through Bluetooth.
    2. Answering and ending a call works the same way: simply click the PLAY/PAUSE button on your Transit City.
    3. If you’d rather not talk, hold down the PLAY/PAUSE button on your Transit City for 3 seconds to ignore the call.
    THE COOLEST PART: The Transit City knows when a call is coming in and pauses the music before ringing. When you hang up, the
    music starts where it left off—and so does the party. If it’s you making the call, just start dialing from your phone, and the Transit City
    automatically does its hands-free thing. Isn’t it refreshing to know your headphones totally get you?
    NOTE: If your Transit City is connected to a smart phone, you can talk to Siri
    (or any other voice control assistant). Just hold down the
    PLAY/PAUSE button and voilà!
    Check out the chart below for a complete guide on handling calls with your Transit City.
    Short Press Play/Pause Button Long Press Play/Pause Button
    Incoming call
    Incoming call
    On call
    Pick-Up call
    End call
    Call 1 on Hold, Pick-Up call 2
    Reject call
    Move call from headpones to device
    Reject call 2
    Both calls active
    Hang up call 1, switch to call 2 Switch between call 1 and call 2
    A soft, dry towel is all you need to
    clean off your headphones. Using
    water, harsh cleaners, or anything else
    only starts messing with the mechanics
    inside. So, yeah, don’t do it.
    1. Plug one end of the cord into the headphones
    and the other into the headphone jack on
    your device.
    2. Turn on the headphones.
    3. Hit PLAY on your device and crank it up - or
    down if you’re lame.
    You’ll have to play and pause the music from
    your device, not your headphones. No
    problem. You’re there anyway, right?
    For detailed Warranty Instructions and Information visit:
    USA: www.jamaudio.com/customer-support/warranty-1yr
    CAN: http://canada.jamaudio.com/warranty-1yr
    To obtain warranty service on your Jam product, contact a
    Consumer Relations Representative by telephone or email for
    assistance (You can find their contact info on page 1). Please
    make sure to have the model number of the product available.
    Jam Transit City
Jam Transit City

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Jam Transit City-Spezifikationen

Marke Jam
Model Transit City
Produkte Kopfhörer
EAN 31262068194
Sprache Engels
Dateityp PDF
Akku-/Batteriebetriebsdauer 12 h
Akkuladezeit 3 h
Akku Ja
Aufladequelle AC
Beutel Ja
Sonstige Funktionen
Ladegerät enthalten Ja
Betriebsanleitung Ja
Gewicht und Abmessungen
Tiefe 98 mm
Höhe 228.6 mm
Breite 216 mm
Anschlüsse und Schnittstellen
Übertragungstechnik Verkabelt & Kabellos
Bluetooth Ja
Position Kopfhörerlautsprecher Ohrumschließend
Produktfarbe Schwarz
Lautstärkeregler Digital
Tragestil Kopfband
Produkttyp Kopfhörer
Empfohlene Nutzung Anrufe & Musik
Aktive Geräuschunterdrückung Ja
Mikrofon-Typ Eingebaut

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