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Congratulations! In purchasing the StudioMix 10 / StudioMix 12 series micing concole
you have acquired a mixing console whose small size belies its versatility and audio performance.
The microphone channels feature high-end ME Mic Preamps
preamps in terms of sound quality and dynamics and boast the following features.
that compare well with costly outboard
130dB dynamic range for an incredible amount of headroom
finest nuances
A bandwidth ranging from below 10 Hz to over 200 KHz for crystal-clear reproduction of over the
transparent signal reproduction
The extremely low-niose and distortion-free circuitry guarantees absolution natural and
phantom power supply
They are perfectly matched to every conceivable microphone with up to 60 dB gain and +48 volt
to the full. Thereby maintaining optimal audio quality
They enable you to use the greatly extended dynamic range of your. 24-bit/192 kHz HD recorder
The equalizers used for the StudioMix Series are based on the legendary circuitry of top-notch
consoles made in Britain, which are renowned throughout the world for their incredibly warm and
musical sound character. Even with extreme gain settings these equalizers ensure outstanding
audio quality.
British EQ
The StudioMix Series represents a milestone in the development of mixing console technology. With the ME
microphone preamps including phantom power as an option. Balanced line input and a powerful effects
section. The mixing consoles in the ME Series are optimally equipped for live and studio applications.
Owing to state-of-the-art circuitry your ME console produces a warm analog sound that is unrivalled.
With the addition of the latest digital technology these base-in-class consoles combine the advantages
of both analog and digital technology.
We should like to draw your attention to the fact that extreme volumes may damage your
hearing and/or your headphones or loudspeakers. Turn the MAIN MIX control and phones
control in the main section fully down before you switch on the unit. Always be careful to
set appropriate volume levels.


1.1 general mixing console functions
A mixing console fulfils three main functions:
Signal processing: Preamplification, level adjustment, mixing of effects. Frequency equalization.
Additionally, your StudioMix mixing console has an effects processor with 24-bit A/D converters included,
which give your 100 presets producing first-class reverb, delay and modulation effects plus numerous
multi-effects in excellent audio quality.
Multi-effects processor
Mono inputs
Microphone inputs
Type XLR, electronically balanced,
discrete input circuit
Mic E.I.N. (20 Hz - 20 kHz)
@ 0 Ω source resistance
@ 50 Ω source resistance
@ 150 Ω source resistance
-134 dB / 135.7 dB A-weighted
-131 dB / 133.3 dB A-weighted
-129 dB / 130.5 dB A-weighted
Frequency response
<10 Hz -150 kHz (-1 dB),
<10 Hz -200 kHz (-3 dB)
Gain range
+10 to +60 dB
Max. Input level
+12 dBu @ +10 dB gain
approx. 2.6 k balancedΩ
110 dB / 112 dB A-weighted
Signal-to noise ratio
(0 dBu In @ +22 dB gain)
Distortion (THD+ N) 0.005% / 0.004% A-weighted
Line input
Gain range
Max. Input level
Fade-out attenuation
(Crosstalk attenuation)
Main fader closed
Channel muted
Channel fader closed
Frequency response
Microphone input to main out
<10 Hz - 90 kHz
<10 Hz - 160 kHz
+0 dB / -1 dB
+0 dB / -3 dB
Stereo inputs
1/4 TRS connector,
Max. Input level
electronically balanced
approx. 20 k Ω
+22 dBu


1/4 TRS connector,
electronically balanced
approx. 20 banlanced Ω
10 k unbanlanced Ω
-10 to +40 dB
+22 dBu @ 0 dB Gain
90 dB
89.5 dB
89 dB

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Jammin Pro
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