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air cleaner
Read instructions
before operating.
Retain for future reference.

Instruction Leaflet

If after having read this leaflet, you have any
questions or comments on your air cleaner,
call 1-800-253-2764 in North America.
1. DO NOT attempt to repair or adjust any electrical or
mechanical functions on this unit. Doing so will void the
warranty. The inside of the unit contains no user
serviceable parts. All servicing should be performed by
qualified personnel only.
2. If you need to exchange the unit, please return it in its
original carton, with a sales receipt, to the store where
you purchased it. If you are returning the unit more than
30 days after the date of purchase, please see the
enclosed warranty.
3. Should your air cleaner require service, please call
1-800-253-2764 in North America for further assistance.
A return authorization will be given when you call.
4. If you have any other questions or comments, feel
free to write to us:
Consumer Service Department
303 Nelson Avenue
Neosho, MO 64850
Visit our website at www.bionaire.com.
© 2006 JCS/THG, LLC
, the Bionaire logo
and PERMAtech
are trade-
marks of JCS/THG, LLC.
BAP141206EM1 Printed in China
A. This Warranty applies only to the original purchaser of
this product.
B. This Warranty applies ONLY to repair or replacement
of any supplied or manufactured parts of this product
that, upon inspection by JCS/THG, LLC authorized
personnel, is shown to have failed in normal use due
to defects in material or workmanship. JCS/THG, LLC
will determine whether to repair or replace the unit.
This Warranty does not apply to installation expenses.
C. Operating this unit under conditions other than those
recommended or at voltages other than the voltage
indicated on the unit, or attempting to service or modi-
fy the unit, will render this WARRANTY VOID.
D. Unless otherwise proscribed by law, JCS/THG, LLC
shall not be liable for any personal injury, property or
any incidental or consequential damage of any kind
resulting from malfunctions, defects, misuse, improper
installation or alteration of this product.
E. All parts of this product excluding filters, which are
covered under separate warranty, are guaranteed for a
period of 5 years as follows:
1. Within the first 30 days from date of purchase, the
store from which you purchased your product
should replace this product if it is defective in mate-
rial or workmanship (provided the store has in-stock
replacement.) If you intend to assert any claim in
connection with the product, please follow the
instructions in paragraph F.
2. Within the first 60 months from date of purchase,
JCS/THG, LLC will repair or replace the product if it
is defective in material or workmanship, subject to
the conditions in paragraph G.
F. If you have any other problem or claim in connection
with this product, please write to our Consumer
Service Department.
depends on your following these instructions if you are
returning the unit to JCS/THG, LLC:
1. Carefully pack the item in its original carton or other
suitable box to avoid damage in shipping.
2. Before packing your unit for return, be sure to
a) Your name, full address with zip code and
telephone number
b) A dated sales receipt or PROOF OF PURCHASE,
c) Your $7.50 check for return shipping and handling,
d) The model number of the unit and the problem
you are having. (Enclose in an envelope and tape
directly to the unit before the box is sealed.)
3. JCS/THG, LLC recommends you ship the package
U.P.S. ground service for tracking purposes.
4. All shipping charges must be prepaid by you.
5. Mark the outside of your package:
303 Nelson Avenue
Neosho, MO 64850
This Warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may
have other rights which vary from state to state. The pro-
visions of this Warranty are in addition to, and not a mod-
ification of, or subtraction from, the statutory warranties
and other rights and remedies contained in any applica-
ble legislation. To the extent that any provision of this
Warranty is inconsistent with any applicable law, such
provision shall be deemed voided or amended, as
necessary, to comply with such law.
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