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BedienungsanleitungJoyetech ERoll
Joyetech eRoll uses a new changeable atomizer head. It is
designed to allow users to quickly check and change their
atomizer head. If the atomizer does not work, you only need
change the atomizer head. It is the highlight of this product:
economical and practical.
The moment you pick up the eRoll, you feel the comfort of
its slim body and light weight. eRoll has a stylish yet
restrained body and a perfect size of 93mm,designed to
have a more natural grip and convenient to carry.
To ensure the optimal performance and safety of your eRoll,
please read the entire manual for all instructions and precautions.
we reserve the right to change components and functions of
the e-cigarette in order to improve the product without
notice to consumers. Please visit our website for more up to
date information at

Smoking with pleasure

To separate the tank cartridge from the eRoll, hold it with the
battery pointing up. Next slowly twist and pull the cartridge down
and out of the atomizer cone. This prevents accidental spilling of
liquids if the cap is accidently opened in the process.
Refilling liquids is easy with the eRoll. Simply, separate the tank
cartridge from the atomizer spike and inject the liquid directly into
the opening on the tank cartridge. Please do not overfill. Leave a
small air pocket in order to accommodate the atomizer spike.

Refilling liquids

To vape with the eRoll, you need inhale slowly and smoothly and the LED will gradually
become light. At the same time, you will feel and taste the vapor gently moving into your
mouth after directly inhaling slowly. Let the ample vapor collect in your mouth and enjoy
the taste. For best performance, do not inhale strongly or quickly.
1, When the voltage of the eRoll internal battery
is less than3.1 v, the LED will flash10 times and
the battery will shut down.
2, If the battery output terminal has a short circuit,
the battery will not output, meanwhile, the LED
will keep bright for 2 s.
3, When you keep inhaling more than 10 seconds
one time, the LED will flash 2 times and shut down
the output.
First, unscrew the atomizer cone from the battery in the counterclockwise direction,
and the atomizer head is located on top of the battery housing once the atomizer cone
has been removed.
Second, replace or clean the atomizer at this point.
Third, push the atomizer cone straight onto the battery and lock it in the clockwise direction.

Assembling the eRoll

eRoll is a new design of mini electronic cigarette and is a gift from Joyetech for e-cigarette
lovers who focus on portability and fashion. It is quite a pretty portable vapor; however, it
has big output power too. It introduces a smart charging system to make charging easier.
No more disassembling your e-cigarette to recharge. Simply place it in the personal charg-
ing case to recharge.
Standard configuration:
* 1 × atomizer cone
* 2 × atomizer head
* 2 × battery
* 3 × eRoll cartridge
* 1 × eRoll USB charger
* 1 × eRoll wall charger
* 1 × eRoll portable charging case
* 1 × eRoll manual

eRoll Product Introduction

How to replace the atomizer head

There is a chargeable 1000mAh lithium battery in our eRoll PCC. The external charg-
ing interface is a standard MICRO USB port, and there are 2 kinds of LED indicator
lights by the USB port. The PCC can hold 1single eRoll.
Charging the eRoll PCC: To charge the PCC, plug the dedicated USB cable into the
charging port at the bottom of the PCC. When the PCC charges with an external
adapter (output is a USB interface), or USB interface in the computer, the input
voltage is 5Vand the charging current is 400mA. The LED light is red when it is charg-
ing and will turn green when it finishes charging. The light will go out after the PCC
disconnects from the external adapter. You can charge the PPC and eRoll battery at
the same time. It takes about 3-3.5 hours to fully charge the eRoll PCC.
Indication of low power: When the voltage of
the internal battery is less than 3.0V, the indica-
tor light will be red, indicating the PCC needs to
be charged. At this time, the PCC will stop
charging the battery automatically.

PCC introduction

Atomizer cone
When you press the button near eRoll in the PCC, the eRoll
will pop-up, and then you can take it out from PCC.
To assemble, first insert the atomizer head into the atom-
izer base of battery. Insert atomizer cone into atomizer
base and lock it in the clockwise direction. Next, push the
tank cartridge straight into the atomizer cone; make sure
that the tank cartridge is in the correct place. Lastly, eRoll
adopts auto-induction method which can be inhaled directly.
Now, you have finished the first step.
Press the button
Pop-up eRoll
cartridge can increase with normal wear and tear. This causes leaking and requires a new
cartridge at that time.
3If you start to experience Burnt Taste, follow these steps immediately.
A,Inhale 1-2 times
B,Shake the eRoll back and forth 2 to 3 times quickly.
C,Tap the Tank Cartridge 2-3 times.
D,If not resolved, then clean the Atomizer Head or replace with a new Atomizer Head.
4Refill the tank cartridge when it is fully empty. When the liquid level goes below 10%,
the remaining liquid may leak out. The reason is the tank cartridge use surface tension
in its design.
5Ensure the tank cartridge is fully seated on atomizer head. If there is a space between the
tank cartridge and the atomizer, it may create abnormal air flow and could cause fluid leaks.
6Store the eRoll battery at room temperature. The eRoll battery is a lithium-ion battery
and will need to be replaced periodically. Read charging instructions before using.
7External shocks such as dropping an e-cigarette or repeated vigorous movements may
cause leaking or other damage. Please keep your e-cigarette in a stable location.


Joyetech’ s products are intended for adults over the age of 18 or the legal smoking age
depending on your state or county. Our products are not intended for children, pregnant
women, women who may become pregnant, non-smokers or smokers seeking a smoking
cessation product.
1E-cigarettes are not smoking cessation devices and have not been approved as much,,
if you’ re seeking a smoking cessation method, please consult your healthcare doctors or
organizations that deal specifically with quilting smoking.
2Joyetech’ s products may contain nicotine. Nicotine is a highly addictive poisonous
substance and may be dangerous to your health.
3Do not use nicotine products if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, Nicotine is a chemi-
cal known to produce birth defects and reproductive harm.
4Do not use nicotine products if you have any of the following medical conditions, but
not limited to, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure or asthma.
5Joyetech’ s products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration nor
are they intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition.
6If you experience any symptom of nicotine poisoning which may include: Vomiting,
nausea, diarrhea, headache, difficulty breathing, sweating, palpitations, lisps, stom-
achache, seizures, or weakness, stop using the product immediately and consult your
healthcare doctor.
7Nicotine based Liquids are toxic to the environment. Do not flush or pour liquids down
the drain, please dispose of containers properly.
8Use product only as intended and only with liquids designed for electronic cigarettes.


Refer to the vender you purchased this product from their warranty and return policy.
Joyetech’ s warranty does not apply to products purchased through third party vendors.
* Forcibly removing or inserting the
tank cartridge can cause leakage.

Maintaining Product

The eRoll electronic cigarette needs proper maintenance to insure the best long lasting
performance. Please put eRoll into the PCC, and keep PCC in a clean environment. Regu-
larly clean the joints and outside surfaces of the eRoll electronic cigarette.
Use the wall adapter to recharge the battery if it is fully discharged, and put eRoll ino the
PCC to recharge. Do not store battery in direct sunlight, excessive heat, near fire or in
places with extreme cold or high humidity. Do not drop or puncture battery.
Storing liquids in an environment that is too hot or too cold may cause it to deteriorate.
Liquids should be stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Do not freeze liquid. Do
not drink liquid. If liquid gets into your mouth, rinse with the fresh water. If liquid gets on
your skin, wipe area with a tissue and alcohol clean.
If you experience high heat during product use, discontinue use temporarily until it cools
enough to hold comfortably. If the coil in the Atomizer Head is dry, you may experience

How to use eRoll

eRoll is powered by a 3.7v ,90mAh lithium-ion battery. To
charge a battery, press the eRoll into the charging port
sideling. Close the PPC and as shown in the picture, the
LED light will be blue which means charging has begun.
When the battery is fully charged, the LED light will turn
off automatically. It takes approximately 35-40 minutes to
charge the eRoll battery via the dedicated PCC, and
please allow the battery enough time to fully charge.
1,Use only the dedicated USB cable provided in the kit for
charging. Do not use other charging cables, or it may
damage battery and cause malfunctions.
2,Lithium-ion battery is an expendable item. Over time, its
changing ability will gradually decrease. Always fully
charge your battery to maximize its lifespan.
3,You can turn eRoll upside-down in the PCC when the eRoll doesn’ t need to charge.

Charging the eRoll

burning taste. Please ensure there is enough liquid in the Atomizer Head. If burning
has occurred, you may need to clean or replace the Atomizer Head in order to remove
the unpleasant taste.
Tank cartridge
Tank cartridge is an expendable item and must be replaced periodically. If cleaning is
required, start by first opening the inlet cap, rinse with the fresh water, and then wipe dry.


Be sure to read the instructions and precautions before using the product. This will help
insure easier and safer use.
1Prime a new Atomizer Head before using it. To do this, drop 1-2 drops of liquid directly
onto the Atomizer spike. This will help avoid getting a dry burn at your first use which may
damage the atomizer.
2Avoid frequent removal of the tank cartridge. Only remove it when the liquid is depleted
or otherwise deemed necessary. The reason for this is that the size of the hole in the tank

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