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Kingston Technology SDHC Class 4 Card
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Its enduring commitment
to service and support
makes Kingston an easy
choice for Flash memory.

Flash Memory: Empowering A New Generation of Flash

Storage Devices

Toshiba invented Flash memory in the 1980s as a new memory technology that allowed
stored data to be saved even when the memory device was disconnected from its power
source. Since then, Flash memory technology has evolved into the preferred storage media
for a variety of consumer and industrial devices.
• Notebook computers • Personal computers
• Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) • Digital cameras
• Global Positioning Systems (GPS) • Cell phones
• Solid-state music players such as • Electronic musical instruments
MP3 players • Television set-top boxes
Flash memory is also used in many industrial applications where reliability and data retention
in power-off situations are key requirements, such as in:
• Security systems • Military systems
• Embedded computers • Solid-state disk drives
• Networking and communication products • Wireless communication devices
• Retail management products • Medical products
(e.g., handheld scanners)

Flash Card or USB Flash Drive Capacity

Some of a Flash storage device’s listed capacity is used for formatting and other functions
and thus is not available for data storage.
When a Flash storage device is manufactured, steps are taken to ensure that the device
operates reliably and to permit the host device (computer, digital camera, PDA, cell phone,
etc.) to access the memory cells — i.e., to store and retrieve data on the Flash storage device.
These steps loosely called “formatting” utilize some of the memory cells within the
device and thus reduce the capacity available for data storage by the end user.
Formatting includes the following operations:
1. Testing each memory cell in the Flash storage device.
2. Identifying all defective cells and taking steps to ensure that no data will be written
to or read from a defective cell.
Kingston Technology SDHC Class 4 Card

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