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Kingston Technology SDHC Class 4 Card
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3. Reserving some cells to serve as “spares.” Flash memory cells have a long but nite
lifetime. Therefore, some cells are held in reserve to replace any memory cells that may
fail over time.
4. Creating a File Allocation Table (FAT) or other directory. To enable Flash storage devices
to conveniently store and access customer les, a le management system must be created
to allow any device or computer to identify the les stored in the Flash storage device.
The most common type of le management system for Flash storage devices is the File
Allocation Table (FAT), which is also used on hard drives.
5. Reserving some cells for use by the Flash storage device’s controller, e.g., for storing
rmware updates and other controller-specic information.
6. Where applicable, reserving some cells for special features. For example, the specication
for Secure Digital (SD) cards requires reserved areas to support special copy protection
and security features.

Features of Kingston’s Flash Storage Products

Kingston’s Flash storage devices offer many advantages for both consumer and industrial
Flash Storage Device Warranty: Kingston warrants that its Flash storage devices are
free from defects in material and workmanship for the period specied below:
• SD and CF Cards: Lifetime
• DataTraveler
USB Flash Drives: 5 years
• MobileLite 9-in1, microSD and Media Readers: 2 years
For further details, see
Solid State: Flash storage devices, as semiconductor storage devices, have no moving parts
and thereby are not subject to the mechanical failure issues of hard drives. Their overall
data reliability enabled them to dominate the convenience-oriented portable memory
products market, operating silently with a zero decibel noise level.
Small Physical Size (or Form Factor): Flash storage devices are designed to be easily
transported. Convenience is an important criterion, especially for consumer and corporate
High Data Reliability: Flash memory is very reliable and many of the Flash storage device
types also include Error Correction Code (ECC) checking to detect single-bit errors.
Kingston’s CompactFlash
cards have a rated error
specication of less
than one (1) bit in
bits read, or one (1)
bit per 10
bits read.
10-year warranty in France, Germany and Austria.
Kingston Technology SDHC Class 4 Card

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