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Landmann Wagon 0566
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BedienungsanleitungLandmann Wagon 0566

"Wagon BBQ"

Assembly and Operating Manual

General Safety Precautions


Please read this assembly and operation manual
carefully before you start using your high-quality
GRILLCHEF barbecue.
You will quickly notice the following:
The assembly and operation processes are simple and

Correct utilisation

The barbeque may only be used for preparing
suitable foods. All requirements of this assembly and
operation manual must be complied with.
For private use only!

Safe Operation of the Barbecue

Before using the barbecue for the rst time,
it should be heated with fuel (charcoal or
briquette) for approximately 30 minutes.
WARNING - risk of burning!
To prevent the barbecue from tipping over, it must be placed on a stable and secure surface during
CAUTION! This barbecue becomes very hot and should not be moved during operation!
Wear oven gloves or use barbecue tongs when barbecuing.
Allow the barbecue to cool down completely before cleaning it.
CAUTION! Do not use any spirits or petrol to ignite or re-ignite the re!
CAUTION! Only use relighters according to the European Standard for relighters (EN 1860-3)!
Never use water to extinguish the charcoal.
WARNING - risk of suocation!
Do not use indoors!
DANGER to children and pets!
Never leave the hot barbecue unattended.
CAUTION! Keep children and pets at a safe distance!

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Wagon 0566
Benutzerhandbuch (PDF)

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Wie entferne ich Rost von meinem Landmann grill?

1. Den rostigen Teil in Essig einweichen, bis er vollständig eingeweicht ist. 2. Lassen Sie den Essig 24 Stunden auf dem Rost einwirken. 3. Entfernen Sie den Rost mit einer Drahtbürste oder Aluminiumfolie.

Wie verhindern Sie, dass Fleisch am Grill haftet?

Fetten Sie das Grillgitter vorher mit Öl ein.

Wie reinige ich den Grill?

Reiben Sie das Grillgitter einfach mit etwas Aluminiumfolie ab.

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