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BedienungsanleitungLavazza LB 2302
Place the cup under the coffee spout on the left hand side of the machine.
Place pod in the machine by opening the pod holder at the top of the machine.
Remember to invert the pod. For a short black touch for 1 second the short black button ( )
For a
long black touch for 1 second the long black button ( ) .
If you wish to control the amount of coffee touch the manual button ( ).
stop the pour touch any button for 1 second.
If you wish to make two coffees at once insert the
double shot pod only. Place the two cups on
the Cup tray. Touch for 1 second the double shot button ( ) .
If you wish to control the amount of coffee touch the manual button ( ). To
stop the pour touch
any button for 1 second.
Remove cup from the machine & pour the hot milk into the cup from the jug.
You have the perfect cup!
Please switch off the machine at night before leaving the premises.
The machine can dispense hot water by pressing the hot water dispensing button for 1 second ( )
To stop the dispensing of the hot water touch any button for 1 second.
It is recommended that at the end of the day you touch for 1 second the Rinse Cycle button ( )
This will clean the internal parts of the coffee machine.
Please ensure there is always water in the machine prior
to switching it on.
Always place the jug under the steamer, with the steamer
wand submerged in the milk otherwise the steam can
burn you.
It is recommended that you clean the steam wand imme-
diately after using the steamer with a clean moist tea
Any unused milk left in the jug can be reused for the next
coffees as long as the jug has been placed in the fridge
after being used. Top up with cold milk.
Milk left to stand in a jug for long periods of time should
not be used.
If milk build up on the steam wand the outer extremity
wand can be removed by twisting it gently and pulling
it down. Wash in warm water and re-insert on the wand
Always ensure you clean the milk jug and thermometer.
Always purge the steam arm at the end of the day to
clean out any build up of milk inside the arm.
To do this let the steam discharge into a empty jug for
30 seconds.
Do not clean any parts of the coffee machine in a
dishwasher as they will be damaged.

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LB 2302

WaterManual CoeeLong Black
LCD DisplaySteamDouble
ButtonShort Black
The machine will only work with a Lavazza Blue Pod. If you attempt to use any other

product the machine will be damaged and cease to work.

To steam milk – Heat and froth the milk using the jug provided. Fill to 1/3, submerge the wand
into the milk, touch for 1 second the steam button ( ). To stop, touch any button.
machine can be left on during the day but MUST be switched off at night.
Switch on the machine using the on/off switch, at the bottom right rear of the machine. The
and filled and placed back in the machine.
back. It is preferable to use a water jug to fill the water tank Alternatively the tank can be removed
Fill the coffee machine with cold water by opening the top of the transparent water tank at the

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LB 2302
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