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LG UltraWide Ergo 34WN780
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BedienungsanleitungLG UltraWide Ergo 34WN780


Always use genuine LG components to ensure safety and product performance.
The product warranty will not cover damage or injury caused by the use of unauthorized components.
It is recommended to use the supplied components.
If you use generic cables not certified by LG, the screen may not display or there may be image problems.
Illustrations in this document represent typical procedures, so they may look different from the actual product.
Do not apply foreign substances (oils, lubricants, etc.) to the screw parts when assembling the product. (Doing
so may damage the product.)
Applying excessive force when tightening screws may cause damage to the monitor. Damage caused in this
way will not be covered by the product warranty.
Do not carry the monitor upside down by just holding the base. This may cause the monitor to fall off the stand
and could result in personal injury.
When lifting or moving the monitor, do not touch the monitor screen. The force applied to the monitor screen
may cause damage to it.
For wave pattern on appearance, unlike the general method of coating, it’s applied to added glittering material
in raw material.With no peeled-off appearance, it has good durability. Please use it with confidence because
there is no problem in using the product at all.
The components may look different from those illustrated here.
Without prior notice, all product information and specifications contained in this manual are subject to change
to improve the performance of the product.
To purchase optional accessories, visit an electronics store or an online shopping site, or contact the retailer
from which you purchased the product.
The power cord provided may differ depending upon the region.

Supported Drivers and Software

You can download and install the latest version from the LGE website (www.lg.com).
Drivers and Software Installation Priority
Monitor Driver Recommended
OnScreen Control Recommended
Dual Controller Optional


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Marke LG
Model UltraWide Ergo 34WN780
Produkte Monitor
Sprache Deutsch, Englisch
Dateityp Benutzerhandbuch (PDF)

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