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Little Tikes Clubhouse Swing Set
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BedienungsanleitungLittle Tikes Clubhouse Swing Set


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Ages: 3 years & up
Please save sales receipt for proof of purchase.
Two adults are required for assembly.
Keep these instructions for future reference.
Prior to assembly, this package contains small parts: hardware which is
a choking hazard and may contain sharp edges and sharp points. Keep
away from children until assembled.
This product must be anchored. Do not use without anchors (included).
Falls onto hard surfaces can result in head or other serious injuries. Never
place on concrete, asphalt, wood, packed earth, grass or other hard
surfaces. Carpet over hard oors may not prevent injury. Always use
protective surfacing on the ground under and surrounding the playground
equipment according to the enclosed “Consumer Information Sheet for
Playground Surfacing Materials.” Maximum fall height protection up to 2
feet (.6 m) required.
It is recommended that the orientation of the assembled product
be such that direct sunlight is minimized on surfaces intended for
standing or sitting.
This product is intended for use by children ages 3 - 6 years.
Adult supervision required. Do not leave children unattended.
Maximum weight per child: 60 lbs. (27 kg). Limit 4 children. Limit 1
child per swing.
Shoes must be worn at all times.
This product is intended for outdoor domestic family use only.
The swing set extension is intended to be used with this product only
and should not be attached to any other structure.
Protect your eyes. Always wear safety glasses when using a hammer.
Observing the following statements and warnings reduces the
likelihood of serious or fatal injury.
Place this product on level ground and at least 6’ (2 m) away from any
object. The swings must be located at least 13’ (4.0 m) from any object
in front or behind their rest position. Objects to be avoided include, but
are not limited to, fences, buildings, overhead branches, laundry lines
or electrical wires.
To prevent serious injury, children must not use the equipment until
properly installed.
Swing seat should be hung no higher than 18” (45 cm) or lower than
14” (35 cm) from the ground.
Dress children appropriately: do not allow children to wear loose-
tting clothing including ponchos, scarves and garments with
drawstrings. Well-tting shoes must be worn at all times.
Instruct children to remove their bike or other sports helmet before
playing on this product.
Instruct children on proper use of this product, only after properly
placed, and not in a manner other than intended.
Do not allow children to climb on product when product is wet.
Instruct children not to attach items to the product that are not
specically designed for use with the product such as, but not limited
to, jump ropes, clotheslines, pet leashes, cables and chains, as they
may cause a strangulation hazard.
Children must keep hands free of objects, inside of swing, and hold
onto the swing.
Instruct children on proper swing use for their safety:
Do not twist chains or ropes or loop them over the top support bar since
this may reduce the strength of the chain or rope. Do not swing empty
seats. Do not get o the swing while it is in motion. Do not walk in front
of, behind or between swings and other objects. Do not wear loose-tting
clothing while swinging. Always wear well-tting shoes while swinging.
Always sit with full weight in the center of the swing.
Illus. 21: To assemble eye bolt into hole. Tie a 12” (30 cm) piece of string
(not included) to the end of eye bolt (N) as shown. Tie the other end of the
string to a pencil (not included). Push the pencil through washer (K), through
the hole, and out the other side. Pull the eye bolt through the hole using
the string. Untie string and pencil and remove before resuming assembly.
Tighten all hardware securely.
Anchor Kit
Kit d’ancrage
Juego de
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Marke Little Tikes
Model Clubhouse Swing Set | 171093E13
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Sprache Deutsch, Englisch
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Empfohlenes Alter in Jahren (mind.) 3 Jahr(e)
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Produkttyp Complex playground
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Verpackungstiefe 2169.9 mm
Verpackungshöhe 1041.4 mm
Paketgewicht 64010 g
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Breite 3863.3 mm
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Höhe 1892 mm
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