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ProKeys 88sx User Guide




Congratulations on your purchase of the M-Audio ProKeys 88sx, the complete all-purpose digital piano with additional MIDI control. We strongly
recommend that you read through this manual to learn about proper installation, operation and advanced functionality before using this product.

What’s in the Box

Besides the product itself, the ProKeys 88sx package will include the following items:
< Software CD (drivers and applications)
< 5-foot USB cable
< Printed user manual
< Power supply (12V DC)
< Sustain pedal
If any of these items are missing, please contact the retail outlet where you purchased this product.

ProKeys 88sx Overview

The ProKeys 88sx is an 88-note digital piano with MIDI controller features.
The ProKeys 88sx offers seven high-quality sounds and can be used in standalone mode with headphones or external amplification.
You can also connect an external MIDI sound module or MIDI synthesizer/keyboard to the MIDI ports on the back, or even connect a computer via
the built in USB interface. The ProKeys 88sx makes it easy to control and play virtual instruments as well as traditional hardware sound modules
whether you are composing, recording or playing live.

About This Manual

The ProKeys 88sx can function as a stand-alone digital piano, or a MIDI controller if used in conjunction with your computer or sound module.
Part 1 of this manual will detail the functions of the ProKeys 88sx as a standalone digital piano. In part 2 we will present the MIDI controller features
of the ProKeys 88sx. Finally, part 3 takes a look at the ProKeys 88sx as a master controller for your home MIDI studio.
You may decide to use the ProKeys 88sx as a Digital Piano only. In this case, there is no need to consult parts 2 or 3, unless you are curious about
the unit’s advanced functionality.


Before we begin, please take a moment to familiarize yourself with some terminology that we will use throughout this manual.
< Performance Mode - When you first turn on your ProKeys 88sx, it will be in Performance mode. In Performance mode, the keys of your
ProKeys 88sx are used for generating musical notes.
< Edit Mode – Edit mode describes the state after the Advanced Functions button has been pressed, in which you can adjust parameters.
In Edit mode, the keys of your ProKeys 88sx are used for data entry and selecting various functions. Please consult Appendix B for a
diagram that maps out these functions.
< Instrument – The ProKeys 88sx comes with 7 built-in instruments including Piano 1 and 2, Electric Piano 1 and 2, FM Electric Piano, Clav,
and Perc Organ. Different instruments are selected by pressing one of the 7 instrument select buttons.


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