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Magnum E-Control
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User- and installation manual

Dated March 1
Switch off power before connecting or disconnecting wiring to thermostat.
A qualified electrician to current IEE regulations must install all wiring, failure to do so may invalidate
the warranty.
The ME-control thermostat is very user friendly and has intelligent software to guide the user
throughout the whole menu-structure. The thermostat is capable of switching your underfloor heating
system on and off, up to four different times of the day. The ME-control has an automatic Setback
period. The setback periods are the events between your comfort periods. This will lower your room
temperature as well as your energy costs without reducing the comfort.
In order to program just follow the onscreen information, you will be guided through the different
menus and functions automatically.
Nevertheless it is strongly recommended to study the operators manual carefully and keep it for future
The ME-Control has a 3-button structure:
Middle button : Selection button, higher/lower and Scroll through options.
Right button : to confirm choices/settings and to proceed.
Left button : to rectify wrong choices and settings.
* Some menu parts contain more program choices than displayed at first sight. Use middle
button to scroll down until “Back to main Screen” is displayed, this is always the last choice in
all menus.
Magnum E-Control

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Das Gerät zeigt nichts mehr an, macht aber ein relativ lautes Geräusch

Das Gerät zeigt nichts mehr an, macht aber ein relativ lautes Geräusch
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