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Matrox M9138 LP PCIe x16
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BedienungsanleitungMatrox M9138 LP PCIe x16
Matrox M-Series – User Guide 23


What to do if you have a problem

If you experience problems with your Matrox product:
Make sure your Matrox card is properly installed, youre using the correct connectors,
and that all connectors are properly fastened. For more information, see “Installing your
graphics hardware, page 7 and “Connecting your monitors”, page 12.
Review the documentation provided with your Matrox product, including the
information in this section, to see if your problem is already addressed.
If your problem persists, contact Matrox. For more information, see “Customer support”, page 38.

Common problems and solutions

This section addresses common problems that could prevent you from using your computer or
graphics hardware.

Problem Computer doesn’t display information or boot after Matrox card is




If you have more than one PCIe ×16 slot, your graphics card may be using a slot that doesn’t
have 16 lane support.


Try moving the PCIe card to another PCIe slot in your computer. For more information on
the PCIe support of your system, see your system manual.


There may be unsupported graphics hardware in your computer.


If graphics hardware is built into your computer motherboard, your system may not have
automatically disabled it when you inserted your Matrox card. Check your system manual for
instructions on how to disable your computer’s built-in graphics hardware.


The BIOS of your Matrox graphics card may need to be updated or restored.


For advanced users
– If your primary display is unusable and you have another
VGA-compatible graphics card (PCI™):
Turn off your computer and insert the other graphics card into an expansion slot. For
more information on expansion slots, see “Choose an expansion slot, page 8.


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