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  • Inserting batteries into the Remote
    Never use your TV if it is damaged in
    any way. Always place your TV on a flat
    level surface avoiding anywhere which
    may be subject to strong vibration.
    It is advisable to unplug the aerial during
    an electrical storm.
    Do not allow your TV to be exposed to
    rain, moisture, dust. If any liquid is spilt
    into your TV it can cause serious
    damage. If you spill any liquid into your
    TV switch it off at the mains immediately.
    Contact your store.
    Do not place your TV on or near
    appliances which may cause
    electromagnetic interference (TV or Hi-Fi
    speakers). If you do, it may adversely
    affect the working of the unit, and cause
    a distorted picture or sound.
    Avoid extremes of temperature, either hot
    or cold, place your TV well away from
    heat sources such as radiators or
    gas/electric fires.
    The TV must be well ventilated. Do not
    cover your TV or place it inside a small
    confined space. Make sure that there is a
    gap of at least 10cm on both sides and
    20cm at the top.
    Batteries are easily swallowed by young
    children. Do not allow young children to
    play with the remote control unit.
    Do not remove any fixed covers as this
    may expose dangerous voltages.
    The standby button on the remote control
    doesn't switch off the TV completely and
    the TV will continue to draw electricity
    from the mains supply. Therefore in the
    interests of safety and to avoid
    unnecessary energy consumption, never
    leave your TV in standby while
    unattended for long periods of time, eg.
    overnight, while on holiday or while out
    of the house.
    Naked Flames
    Naked flames such as candles and night
    lights should not be placed on or near
    your TV.
    Vases and other water containers or
    lamps should not be put on top of your
    TV set.
    Power Cord
    Make sure your TV or TV stand is not
    resting on top of the power cord, as the
    weight of the TV may damage the cord
    and create a safety hazard.
    If you can store the packaging it will
    prove useful should you need to transport
    the TV to protect it while it is in transit.
    Try to reuse packaging wherever you
    can. If you cannot store it, contact your
    local authority for details of your nearest
    recycling facilities.
    Switch on your TV and any
    other connected equipment/
    Automatic Tuning System
    Adjusting the picture settings
    Setting the sleep function
    The sleep function allows you to automatically switch your
    television into standby after a preset amount of time (up to
    120 minutes). In addition should you fall asleep or leave your
    TV unattended it will automatically switch into standby 15
    minutes after the end of transmissions.
    To set the sleep timer press SLEEP.
    SLEEP 120 will appear on screen.
    The display will clear in four seconds and your television
    will switch off automatically after 120 minutes.
    Repeated presses of SLEEP will decrease the sleep timer
    in 10 minute intervals from 120 minutes to 10 minutes.
    1st press 120 minutes.
    2nd press 110 minutes.
    . . .etc. . . . 100, 90, 80.
    When you have set the sleep timer your TV will return to
    a normal picture and automatically switch off after the
    preset sleep time.
    To cancel the sleep timer set the sleep timer to 0.
    The display will clear in four seconds and your television
    will not switch off automatically.
    Make sure that your TV and aerial are properly
    Plug your TV and any other equipment that you have
    connected to your TV into the mains and switch on at
    the wall.
    1. Press the POWER switch on the front of the TV, the
    red standby indicator will light.
    Switch on your television by pressing STANDBY
    on the remote control. (The standby light will go out
    when the TV is on.)
    2. Press ENTER. Your TV will now automatically tune in
    all available channels.
    When the programme on the screen stops changing
    and the sound comes on, the tuning process is
    Select your language
    Tune the channels
    Sort the channels
    The picture settings have been adjusted by the factory under
    optimum signal reception conditions, however conditions may
    not be the same in your area. After turning on your television,
    allow it to warm up for a few minutes before making any
    adjustments. Should you wish to reset picture controls back to
    factory settings press NORMAL.
    Press MENU on your remote control. The main control
    menu will appear.
    Press CH/PAGE/on your remote control to
    highlight picture.
    Press ENTER to view brightness.
    Press CH/PAGE/ to view the contrast, colour or
    sharpness on screen displays.
    Press VOL + or - to adjust the levels.
    Pictures appear sharpest in the daytime by increasing
    the contrast. In the evening (when surroundings are
    darker) the sharpest picture can be obtained by
    reducing the contrast.
    Press MENU twice to remove the picture menu.
    If you do not make an adjustment within 1 minute the menu
    will disappear.
    1. Press MENU. The main control menu will appear.
    2. Press CH/PAGE / on your remote control to highlight
    CH tuning.
    3. Press ENTER. The CH tuning on screen display will appear.
    4. Press CH/PAGE / on your remote control to highlight
    CH allocation.
    5. Press ENTER. The CH allocation on-screen display
    will appear and the current channel position for the
    programme on the TV screen will appear in the top
    right corner of the screen.
    6. Press CH/PAGE / on your remote control to find a
    programme with a clear reception. Press ENTER.
    7. Press CH/PAGE / to select the channel number that
    you want this programme to be stored in.
    For example if the TV has automatically stored a BBC2
    programme in channel number 6, you will need to change
    the channel allocation number (in the middle of the screen)
    to 2 using the CH/PAGE / buttons on your remote
    control. (If no channel is allocated, the on-screen
    display will disappear after 1 minute.)
    8. Press ENTER once so that the channel number you have
    allocated to this programme is stored (the channel will now
    have changed position).
    Repeat this process until you have allocated a channel number
    to all the programmes on your TV with the clearest reception.
    9. Press MENU 3 times to remove the on-screen displays from
    the TV screen.
    Press MENU on your remote control. The main control menu
    will appear on your TV screen.
    Press CH/PAGE/ on your remote control to highlight CH
    tuning. Press ENTER to confirm. The CH tuning on-screen
    display will appear.
    Press CH/PAGE/ to highlight auto. Press ENTER to
    confirm. This will start the automatic tuning process.
    This process will take a few minutes to complete. . .
    please be patient.
    When the programme on the screen stops changing and the
    sound comes on, the tuning process is complete.
    Press MENU twice to clear the display.
    Since each programme may be picked up by your TV on more
    than one frequency the auto tune process will probably store
    more than one of each channel. For example there may be
    three BBC 2’s. This means that once the automatic tuning
    process is complete you will need to allocate a channel number
    to the programmes with the clearest reception. To do this go to
    the next step - Sorting Channels...
    This feature allows you to select the language you want
    to appear on your TV on-screen display.
    Press MENU on the remote control. The main control
    menu will appear on your TV screen.
    Press CH/PAGE / to select Language menu.
    Press ENTER to select Language screen.
    Press CH/PAGE / to select desired language.
    Press ENTER to store your setting.
    Press MENU to clear the screen.
    If you have a VCR connected make sure that it is
    switched on and a video tape is playing. . . your TV
    screen will be fuzzy.
    If you have a Satellite/Cable box system or games
    console connected make sure that it is switched on.
    Make sure your Satellite/Cable box has Sky News
    selected. . . your TV screen will be fuzzy. Please refer to
    your Satellite/Cable instruction book to see how to
    select Sky News.
    All connections must be made with the power disconnected.
    Connect an external aerial (not supplied) to the
    aerial socket on the back of your TV.
    Connect an aerial lead (not supplied) to the socket marked
    RF IN on the back of your VCR.
    Connect an RF lead to the socket marked RF OUT on your
    VCR (not supplied) and the other end to the aerial socket
    on your TV.
    If you have a scart lead we recommend that you use one.
    Connect it to the scart socket on the back of your TV and
    one of the scart sockets on the back of your VCR.
    Connect your TV to an aerial
    Connect your TV to an aerial and VCR
    Follow either instruction i) or ii) below:
    Once you have tuned in and sorted all the channels you want to
    watch, you will be able to select them by pressing the numbered
    buttons on your remote control or by pressing CH/PAGE / to
    select channels in sequence: eg. 1,2,3,4,5 etc...
    J3M43701A V ’03.10
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Matsui 1420TSIL(B)

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