Media-Tech MT4211

Media-Tech MT4211 Bedienungsanleitung

  • Instructions Manual
    Thank you for your purchasing our HSUPA USB modem
    with TF ash card socket. Device is backward compa-
    tible with HSDPA/UMTS standards and supported by
    Media-Droid products. Modem has driver stored on
    built-in memory. Please take a moment and read this
    manual carefully before using the device.
    Note! It is strongly recommended to disable antivi-
    rus/fi rewall software before installation procedure.
    Please start your computer, and then connect modem
    to USB port.
    1) System at fi rst will detect new storage device.
    2) New storage device is ready to work.
    7) Every time you plug modem - manager software will
    start automatically. If it does not, click icon on desk-
    top to run software manually.
    5) Now wait 1-3 minutes, system will add modem to
    system devices and appropriate modem manager
    3) If you have autoplay function enabled modem
    driver installation will start automatically, follow on-
    screen messages to fi nish process.
    If modem driver instal-
    lation does not start
    automatically open “My
    Computer” right click
    “HSDPA USB Modem”
    CD-ROM and select AutoPlay”.
    Specifi cation and appearance of product are subject to
    change without prior notice. For technical support please
    Driver or application software installation failed
    a. Ensure at least 50MB of hard free disk space.
    b. Before installing the driver, close all other programs
    including antivirus software.
    LED indicator light, not fl ashing
    a. Check SIM card, make sure it is installed properly.
    If the indicator light is still not fl ashing, disconnect
    from USB port and re-insert SIM card, and re-connect.
    Modem manager can not start
    a. HSDPA USB Modem connect to the PC, please wait
    about 5 seconds and then run an application. The
    application will automatically test the equipment
    connected or not and the SIM card inserted cor-
    rectly or not.
    b. Follow below steps to check the modem driver:
    right click My Computer ->
    Manage -> Device Manager
    -> Modems.
    I can not read TF fl ash card
    a. Make sure you have installed it properly. Plug again
    into USB port, TF fl ash card should be recognized as
    another drive in the system.
    4) Click “Finish when prompted.
    6) On desktop following icon will be shown.
    High Speed Wireless Connectivity
    8) Now go to Tools/Options/Profi le Management”,
    click “New and enter profi le name, APN, Access
    number, user name and password provided by your
    UMTS operator. Click “Default to make this connec-
    tion default and click OK.
    Now click “Connect” button.
    At window bottom there is a status bar indicating up-
    load/download status.
Media-Tech MT4211

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Media-Tech MT4211-Spezifikationen

Marke Media-Tech
Model MT4211
Produkte Router
EAN 5906453142111
Sprache Englisch, Polnisch
Dateityp PDF
Schnittstelle USB 2.0
Modemtyp 3G HSPA
Aufwärts gerichtete Datenrate 5.76
Abwärts gerichtete Datenrate 7.2
Gewicht und Abmessungen
Abmessungen (BxTxH) 27 x 85 x 10
Gewicht 15
Kompatible Betriebssysteme Windows XP/Vista/7\r
Mac OS
USB-Stecker USB Typ-A

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