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Medion P86004
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BedienungsanleitungMedion P86004
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What Your 1 Year Warranty Means

Great care has gone into the manufacture of this product and it
should therefore provide you with years of good service when used
properly. In the event of product failure within its intended use over
the course of the first year after the date of purchase, we will rem-
edy the problem as quickly as possible once it has been brought to
our attention. In the unlikely event of such an occurrence, or if you
require any information about the product please contact us via our
after sales support services, details of which can be found in this
manual and on the product itself.

Safety Instructions

Please read this instruction manual thoroughly and
please pay special attention to the safety instruc-
tions, before using the device for the first time. This
device may only be used as described in the instruc-
tion manual.
In the event that you transfer ownership of these
devices, please provide these instructions to the new
Never allow children to use electronic devices unsupervised.
Children may not always correctly identify potential hazards.
Keep your device away from sources of moisture.
Place and operate the unit on a stable, even surface which is
vibration-free to avoid it falling off.
Never open the device's housing! You could receive an electric


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Marke Medion
Model P86004
Produkte Headset
Sprache Englisch
Dateityp Benutzerhandbuch (PDF)

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