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BedienungsanleitungMemup Pocket pad
Welcome and thank you for choosing PocketPad. Our tab is a multimedia computer running Android
, with a built-in flash memory, you will
then enjoy multimedia content, some applications and access to the Internet connected to the Wifi.
Please use PocketPad carefully and read following instructions.
>>> Copyright
Software, audio, video or any intellectual properties are protected
by copyright and international laws.
It is user’s responsibility when reproducing or distributing
>>> Codec Check
This product may not support some media formats. Please check
available codec types.
>>> Data Backup
Please backup datas stored in this product in a safe place. We are
not responsible for any data loss or damage.
>>> Drop / Shock
Do not give shock or drop the PocketPad. This may damage it.
>>> Foreign Substance
Do not insert any metal or inflammable foreign substances into
player. This may damage it.
>>> Disassembly / Modification
Do not attempt to disassemble or modify any part of PocketPad.
This may damage it.
Any product modification may void the warranty.
>>> Load
Do not place any heavy object on the top of the PocketPad. This
may damage it.
>>> Chemicals
Do not clean product using chemicals cleaners. This may damage
the PocketPad.
>>> Water / Moisture
Do not contact the PocketPad with water or liquid.
This may cause fire or electric shock. If any conductive liquid
enters, turn off the PocketPad and disconnect power adapter
>>> Magnet or Magnetic Properties
Do not place the PocketPad near a magnetic field. This may cause
a malfunction or damage stored data.
>>> Heat
Do not place the PocketPad under direct sunlight or near a heat
source. Do not keep it for long time in high temperature. This may
damage it.
>>> Vision / Hearing
Do not watch movies or hear loud sound for long time. This may
cause vision or hearing problem.
>>> Fire
During PocketPad use, if you detect smoke or unusual smell, turn
off product, disconnect adapter immediately, and call the
aftersales department if required.
>>> Power
Do not use many electronic products with single outlet.
Firmly insert power plug. When working, do not unplug.

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