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Mitsubishi MR-CX370EJ-BST-A2
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BedienungsanleitungMitsubishi MR-CX370EJ-BST-A2


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For your safety, please be sure to follow
these instructions
From installing to running your refrigerator
Using each compartment
How to adjust the temperature
Automatic Ice-Maker
How to remove and clean accessories
How to maintain your automatic ice-maker
What to do in these situations
Sliding case
Vegetable and Freezer Compartments
Before useOperationCleaning
When in trouble




Non-Freon Refrigerators
This refrigerator uses non-Freon refrigerant (isobutane) and non-Freon foam insulation (cyclopentane).
These materials are harmless to the environment and do not affect the ozone layer and global warming.
Please read this manual carefully and follow the information contained within. In particular, be sure to read the safety precautions before using this refrigerator.
Be sure to receive your copy of the warranty from the retailer and confirm that the purchase date and retailer name are written on the warranty.
Store this operating instructions manual and the warranty in a safe place.
This refrigerator was manufactured for refrigerating and freezing of foods in general households. For commercial use, please use a commercial refrigerator-freezer.
The photographs and illustrations contained in this manual are for the MR-CX402EJ. While the capacity and dimensions of the MR-CX402EJ are different from
the MR-CX370EJ, the operation is the same.
The principal plastic components indicate the material name to facilitate recycling.
It is strongly recommended to use only lukewarm water and a soft cloth when cleaning.Cleaning agents can cause cracking to the plastic components of your refrigerator.
Cleaning Instruction - Important!

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