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BedienungsanleitungMODAL MD-WORCSS6
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Before using your new product, please read
these instructions to prevent any damage.

Package contents

• Wine opener • Foil cutter

• Base • Quick Setup Guide




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When using electrical appliances, basic safety
precautions should always be followed including the
1 Do not operate the electric wine opener with a
damaged cord or plug, after the appliance
malfunctions, or if it is dropped or damaged in any
manner. Return the appliance to the nearest
Authorized Service Center for examination, repair or
electrical or mechanical adjustment.
2 To protect against the risk of electrical shock, do not
put the electric wine opener in water or other liquid.
This may cause personal injury and/or damage to
the product.
3 To protect against fire, do not operate the electric
wine opener in the presence of explosive and/or
flammable fumes.
4 Do not use the electric wine opener for other than
its intended use.
5 This product is intended for normal domestic
household use only.
6 When using or recharging the electric wine opener,
keep your workspace clean and free from potential
7 For indoor use only. Do not expose the electric wine
opener or changing unit to rain or other extreme
8 Never force the electric wine opener onto a bottle
or attempt to speed up the mechanism. The electric
wine opener works best when it is operated at its
intended speed.
9 Do not touch or adjust the electric wine opener’s
mechanism or the corkscrew spiral . Only hold the
electric wine opener by its housing.
10 Do not attempt to open bottles if the switch is not
working correctly.
11 Do not attempt to open the electric wine opener. It
has no user-serviceable parts.
12 Never remove the plug from the socket by pulling
the power cord.
ATTENTION: The corkscrew is sharp. Handle
carefully. Keep hands and utensils out of the wine
opener while operating to prevent the possibility of
severe personal injury and/or damage to the
product or property.

Charging your electric wine opener

Plug the output (DC) end of the AC adapter

into the back of your electric wine opener

and the other end into a standard 120V AC

wall outlet. The LED turns on, and your wine

opener starts charging. It takes

approximately 16 hours to fully charge your

electric wine opener the first time. After

that, charging will take 10-11 hours. The

charging circuit will shut off automatically

when battery is fully charged.

Using your wine opener

1 Make sure your electric wine opener is

charged. Follow the instructions for

charging above.

2 Remove the foil around the

top of the wine bottle using

the foil cutter provided.

3 Place the electric wine

opener on top of the wine


Note: Make sure that it
remains as upright as possible
at all times. If held at an angle,
the electric wine opener will
not remove the cork properly.
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