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Dry ironing
Your iron can be used for dry ironing. Set the
team switch
o ‘O’ and set the temperature
s desired (see page 3).
ou won’t need water in the tank unless using
the water spray or steam boost features
Vertical steam
Vertical steam is useful for removing creases
from hanging clothes, curtains, etc. Hold the iron
between 1cm and 2cm away from the item and
press the steam boost button
No drip system (certain models only)
This prevents water escaping from the soleplate
when the iron is too cold.
During use, the no drip system may emit a loud
click, particularly during heat-up or whilst
cooling down. This is perfectly normal and
indicates that the system is functioning correctly
Models without No drip system
o not store the product with water in the tank
as water may leak from the soleplate
if you
orget to turn the steam switch
o ‘0’.
Remember to only turn the steam switch
team when the control dial is set to a
temperature within the steam range.
emember: the lower the temperature setting,
the lower the steam setting.
Life long anti-scale system (certain
models only)
This system reduces scale deposits and helps
prolong the life of the iron
Auto shut-off (certain models only)
The iron will automatically shut down if
stationary in the horizontal position for 1 minute,
or the vertical position for 8 minutes.
The auto shut-off indicator
will flash and an
intermittent beep will be audible.
Gently shake the iron to reactivate. The
temperature indicator light
will come on. Wait
for the iron to heat-up and continue ironing
Features of your iron
To clean a coated soleplate
Do not use scouring powder or solution as this
could cause damage to the coating.
In the unlikely event of any man-made fibre
fusing to the soleplate, set the iron at the MAX
position and pass it over a clean piece of cotton
which will draw the deposit off the surface.
IMPORTANT: Do not descale the soleplate with
descaling products, proprietary cleaning agents
or vinegar when flushing out the soleplate.
To clean the exterior
Allow the iron to cool and wipe over with a
damp cloth and mild detergent, then wipe with a
dry cloth.
When you have finished ironing, unplug and
empty all water from your iron and set the steam
switch at the ‘O’ position. When cool, store the
iron on its heel with the cord wrapped loosely
around the heel.
Emptying and storingMaintenance
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