Motorola XTK446

Motorola XTK446 Bedienungsanleitung

    Give your business a competitive edge
    with the lightweight Motorola XTK446.
    Stay in touch with staff, enhance
    productivity and boost security and
    customer satisfaction with clear and
    instant communications at the touch of
    a button. Weighing just 200 grams with
    battery, this is an easy to carry two way
    radio thats ready to go anywhere. Its
    also simple to use straight out of the box
    with a large backlit display, recessed
    keypad and ergonomically designed keys.
    Light and compact: Ideal for daily use with a
    lightweight design that won’t weigh you down. Small
    enough to carry in the hand or a pocket and tough enough
    to take knocks and shocks with high manufacturing
    standards for maximum durability and reliability.
    Resists Dust and Splashes: No need to worry about
    dusty, damp environments. The XTK446 works efficiently
    anywhere with an IP54 rating to protect against dust and
    water ingression.
    Easy to Use: Ready to go straight out of the box with
    no programming required. Simply power up and press
    to talk. Large 32x18mm backlit display and recessed
    keypad makes using the radio quick and easy.
    Cost Free: Highly affordable with no license fee,
    contract or airtime call charges on PMR446 unlicensed
    Range: Communication coverage of up to 8km (5 miles)
    depending on terrain and conditions.
    Hands Free Operation Using Advanced Voice
    Activation (VOX): Use a compatible headset and talk
    hands free in voice activated mode. Gives you and your
    staff the freedom to carry on working while talking to
    Room Monitor: Position the radio to detect voices or
    sounds and transmit these back to the listening radio
    without having to press the PTT.
    Interference Reduction: With 121 interference
    eliminator codes for each of the 8 channels, you
    get a wide range of settings for avoiding channel
    Never Miss a Call: Silent Vibrate Alert Mode
    provides discreet but reliable radio communications
    when you need to turn the volume down.
    Range up to 8km (5 miles)
    8 Channels with channel
    10 Call Tones
    Top-mounted enterprise
    class speaker
    Group Call
    Keypad Lock
    Stop watch timer
    Two Pin professional
    headset jack
    Auto Squelch
    Up to 16 Hours battery life
    500mW power
    Supplied with
    rechargeable NiMH
    battery pack, charger, plug
    EU and UK power adapter,
    pack of 10 colour antenna
    rings and documentation
    Compatible with 2 pin
    headsets and earpieces
    Optional protective rubber
    case available
Motorola XTK446

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Zühlsdorf , 25-7-2018 18:35:07 Keine Kommentare

Ich habe mir Hadsets gekauft jedoch funktionieren die nicht. Muss ich da was umstellen?

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