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BedienungsanleitungMSR WhisperLit Universal
Scour Fuel
20 X
5 in. (13 cm)
Unscrew Stop Nut
Remove/Replace Pump SealRemove Check Valve Assembly
Jet and
Cable Tool
Remove O-ringRemove Plunger
Insert Plunger
ART# 33-302_A | EN
Do not attempt to use this stove: (1) before reading and fully understanding this Instruction Manual; (2) if you are not prepared or comfortable attending to a burning and/or hot stove at all times; (3) if you observe leaking fuel; or (4) if you observe any condition with the stove system or in the surrounding environment that would make operation of an open flamed device dangerous. Failure to follow these directions can cause an unsafe situation leading to fire, burns, severe injury or death.This stove is designed for the outside (i.e., not within enclosed spaces of any kind; e.g., tents) boiling of water or cooking of food only—never use it for any other purpose. Use of stove within any enclosed space, or for a purpose other than boiling water or cooking food can cause fire, burns, severe injury or death.Do not disassemble stove beyond what is described in these instructions. Do not modify stove. Disassembly or modification of stove in any manner not consistent with these instructions voids warranty and can result in an unsafe situation where fire, burns, severe injury or death can occur.Do not use stove if parts are missing or broken, or with replacement parts not specific to your stove model. Use of stove with missing or broken parts, or with replacement parts not specific to your stove model, can result in an unsafe situ-ation where fire, burns, severe injury or death can occur.Always use stove on a solid, stable, even surface to avoid tipping and spills. Tipping of stove can result in an unsafe situation where fire, burns or severe injury or death can occur.Cascade Designs, Inc. warrants the use of appropriately sized MSR
brand cookware only—use of cookware other than MSR
brand cookware will be at user’s own risk and discretion.WARNING
For product service and information contact:
Cascade Designs, Inc.4000 First Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134 U.S.A.Phone: 800.531.9531 or



Deposits in the Jet and Fuel Line reduce fuel flow and impair stove performance. Minor deposits in the Jet can be cleared with the Shaker Needle. Major deposits may require more extensive cleaning of the Jet and Fuel Line. At a minimum, perform the following maintenance annually, or every time you perform the Pump Maintenance.
Shake the
Remove Flame
the Jet
Clear the
Jet Orifice
5. Scour fuel line. Remove cable from fuel line. Stubborn cables can be loosened with a common lubricant. (WD-40
, pump cup oil, etc.) Wipe cable clean. Fully reinsert cable into fuel line. Move cable in and out, using 5-inch strokes, 20 times.6. Flush fuel line. Remove Cable. Insert Fuel Line into Pump and Fuel Bottle and secure Catch Arm on Fuel Pump Groove. Pressurize Fuel Bottle with 15 strokes. Fully open Control Valve to flush 4 spoonfuls of fuel through Fuel Line into an appropriate container. (Jet uninstalled.)WARNING: Keep away from ignition sources. Close Control Valve and remove Fuel Line. Safely dispose fuel when flushing is complete.7. Reassemble stove. If stove performance is still impaired, repeat steps 4 through 6.CLEAR THE JET WITH THE SHAKER NEEDLE1. Close the control valve and wait 5 minutes for stove to cool.2. Shake the stove up and down.3. Preheat and run stove. If performance does not improve, perform Extensive Cleaning of the jet and fuel line.EXTENSIVE CLEANING OF THE JET AND FUEL LINE1. Remove the flame spreader.2. Unscrew the jet using the jet & cable tool.3. Remove the jet and shaker needle.4. Clear the jet orifice with the jet cleaning wire.
There are serious hazards associated with using this stove and fuel. Accidental fire, explosion, and misuse can cause death, serious burns, and property dam-age. You are responsible for your own safety and the safety of those in your group. Please use good judgment.This stove is for OUTDOOR USE ONLY. Never use this stove in a tent, vestibule, car, house, or inside any enclosed area. This stove consumes oxygen and pro-duces carbon monoxide gas, which is poisonous and has no odor. This stove can easily ignite nearby combustible materials and flammable liquids or vapors. If you use this stove in an enclosed area you can be killed or seriously burned.Keep stove and fuel bottle away from other heat sources. Never use cookware or an Outback Oven
with a diameter larger than 10 inches (25 centimeters). Oversized cookware can overheat the fuel bottle. If you expose the fuel bottle to high heat, it will explode and you can be killed or seriously burned.Never let children use this stove. Keep children at least 10 feet (3 m) away from the stove and cooking area, and supervise them at all times.READ, UNDERSTAND, AND FOLLOW ALL instructions and warnings in this manual before using this stove. Failure to follow warnings and instructions can result in death, serious burns or other injury, and property damage.


Do not disassemble stove or pump beyond what is described in these instructions. Disassembly or modification of stove in any manner not consistent with these instructions voids warranty and can result in an unsafe situation where fire, burns, severe injury or death can occur. Do not use stove or pump if parts are missing or broken, or with replacement parts not specific to your stove model. Use of stove with missing or broken parts, or with replacement parts not specific to your stove model, can result in an unsafe situation where fire, burns, severe injury or death can occur.WARNING
EX stove burns a variety of fuels by using two different Jets.
The GK Jet is used for white gas, kerosene, unleaded auto gas, and aviation gas.
This Jet is preinstalled in your stove.
The X Jet is for jet fuel, and diesel. This Jet is included in the parts kit with your stove.
white gas for optimal performance. It is the highest-quality fuel available for your stove.
Fuels other than MSR SuperFuel white gas lead to rapid stove clogging, requiring more frequent Jet and Fuel Line
cleanings. The fuels chart below is a guide to help you find white gas when traveling internationally. Do not use
leaded fuels.
For more information on international fuel names go to
Japan France Holland Spain
White gas/
White gas
Pétrole à brûler/
Essence C
Wasbenzine Bencina blanca
Kerosene Petroleum Kerosin Toh-yu Pétrole
Unleaded auto
Autobenzin Gasoline
Essence sans
Gasolina sin
Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel Diesel
Leaking Fuel Cause: Solution:
At Pump and Fuel Bottle Connection Damaged or Missing Pump Seal Replace Pump Seal
At Pump and Fuel Line Connection Damaged or Missing Fuel Tube O-ring Replace Fuel Tube O-ring
At Control Valve Stem
Damaged or Missing Control Valve
Replace Control Valve O-ring
In Pump Plunger Chamber Obstructed Check Valve Clean Check Valve Cavity
Poor Performance Cause: Solution:
Erratic Yellow Flames Improper Preheating Repeat Preheating Stove
Pump Not Pressurizing Fuel Bottle Damaged Pump Cup Replace Pump Cup
Plunger Hard to Pump Dry Pump Cup Lubricate Pump Cup
Diminished Flames Low Fuel Bottle Pressure Pump the Plunger
Slow Boil Times Clogged Jet or Fuel Line Clear Jet and Clean Fuel Line
Diminished Flames at Altitude Insufficient Airflow Open Windscreen Slightly
Remove CableO-rings can become dry, cracked or torn with use. Their lifespan is affected by dirt, debris, temperature, friction and frequency of use. For this reason, please inspect your O-rings before every trip. Replace dry, cracked, or torn O-rings immediately, and replace all O-rings annually, regardless of appearance. Replacement O-rings and Pump Seals can be found in the Annual Maintenance Kit, or the more comprehensive Expedition Service Kit, purchased separately from an
dealer.FUEL TUBE O-RING1. Remove plunger. Align, twist, and pull.2. Remove the fuel tube bushing and O-ring. Remove the O-ring with the end of the fuel line or a safety pin.3. Inspect O-ring.4. Replace O-ring. If needed, a spare fuel tube O-ring is provided.5. Lubricate Pump Cup. Use a drop of pump cup oil or any mineral-based oil.6. Insert Plunger. Align plunger/bushing Arrow 1 with holes in pump body. Push the plunger/bushing into the pump body until it snaps in place.CONTROL VALVE O-RING1. Unscrew the stop nut 2 turns.2. Unscrew the control valve 6 turns.3. Unscrew the stop nut completely and remove the control valve.4. Inspect O-ring.5. Replace O-ring if damaged. Disassemble control valve assembly. Remove O-ring.PUMP SEAL Inspect pump seal and replace if damaged.CLEANING THE CHECK VALVE1. Remove the check valve assembly.2. Clean any debris from the check valve and pump cavity.3. Reinsert the check valve assembly.


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Model WhisperLit Universal
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Faltbar Ja
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Betriebszeit (min.) 75 min
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Tiefe 101.6 mm
Höhe 152.4 mm
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Paketgewicht 420 g
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